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Professor Patricia Casey…

I never had any dealings with psychiatry Ireland and neither had my son until after his death, when I had the audacity to state my opinion. I blamed lundbeck’s medication for what happened that night, which contradicted their stance on medication; deny, deny, deny any side effects of antidepressants.

I had never met Patricia Casey before Shane’s inquest and I have no problem with psychiatry Ireland attending Inquests, if they want to learn something from the medical expert on the day; Professor Healy. The problem I do have is why, under the circumstances would they send someone with a long history of working for lundbeck and the same company I am blaming for Shane’s death! Was she representing psychiatry Ireland or lundbeck that day? When the inquest was over and the jury rejected a suicide verdict and returned an open verdict, she actually came over and shook my hand, then afterwards she proceeded to read out a statement for RTE news…

“Speaking after the verdict was delivered, clinical psychiatrist Prof Patricia Casey, who was at the inquest representing the College of Psychiatry of Ireland, read a statement in which she expressed the college’s disappointment at the Coroner’s decision to not allow it give evidence.”

She said there were aspects of the evidence which the college took issue with and it would elaborate further on the details in the coming days. Where is your compassion woman? This was my son’s inquest, not yours. Link to their statement

There was a court case last year in the Irish courts against consultant psychiatrist Professor Casey and a consultant obstetrician. The case was taken by a little girls father who alleged that prescription drugs taken by the little girl’s mum during her pregnancy had caused birth injuries to his daughter (who in case you’re wondering, is by all accounts looking gorgeous and doing well). It was settled without admission of liability for 500,000. The one thing that stood out to me about this case is the fact that shortly before the settlement,a plea by Prof Casey of “contributory negligence” against the girl’s mum had been retracted. As if this mother hadn’t got enough stress with the court case and a little daughter to fight for, trying to blame her in some way is, to say the least, not very nice! Where is the compassion?

She has been described on one website as “Ireland’s psychiatric attack dog” and is frequently quoted in the Irish Times and the Irish Independent newspapers.

She has a long association with lundbeck and still is not aware of the side effects of these drugs?

Do I think it’s possible that any psychiatrist is not aware that all ssri antidepressants can in some instances, cause someone to commit suicide and/or homicide? Absolutely no way!

I wonder has any of them seen this youtube video or are there aspects of it that Irish psychiatry take issue with? Antidepressants

Below are some links to Professor Casey and lundbeck…

lundbeck Madrid Spain 2010

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And again…Mind yourself

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And again…March 2011

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