Our story., Shanes story.


O. K.  So where do i start?

I didn,t intend  this site to be about antidepressants and the failures of psychiatry or the lies of Lundbeck. I intended it to be about Shane and what he was like.. but let me get this out of the way first.

1.  I have had the privilege of meeting  some lovely psychiatrists.. namely Dr.Micheal Corry and Professor David Healy.

2. I also believe that these drugs can work for some people because Professor Healy said so and also because i know a really nice lady who says that if she wasn,t on them she would be dead!  Shane just happened to be very very unfortunate and had a very severe reaction. Unfortunately i have also spoken to a lot of other people who have had  serious reactions (or their relations when the victims are no longer around).

3. I am and always will be so very sorry that other people were involved in this tragedy  and will respect them and their families by not mentioning them by name.

4. We are just ordinary people..Im a hairdresser and tony,s a mechanic so as its been pointed out before, We are not medically qualified to tell you how this happened. The only thing i CAN be certain of ..is that Shane would not have done this if it wasn,t for the medication.


Shane was the nicest, kindest, funniest guy you could meet. He was loved by all his friends and family.. and adored by his younger  siblings .  He took them out every weekend to the beach and eddie rockets. He babysat for us all the time and even minded them when we went to new york for a weekend. We put him down as guardian and never had to worry about what would happen to them.. because Shane was so reliable. He had a huge passion for the homeless and often gave his dart fare away and walked home (Trinity to Dalkey). We regularly had christmas dinner late because we had to wait for Shane who was handing out dinners in dublin. He told people he didn,t want presents at his 21th ..to make use of the saint vincent de paul box instead as he had everything.  He was known by his college lecturers as an craoi mhor (the big heart). He had lots of really good friends and always had a job. This is the Shane that we all knew and loved. He was working one night in the conradh (the irish pub on harcourt street) and this guy came in and tried to hit a girl. He was so upset that someone could hit a girl. We said “why didn,t you box him?” and Shane said that he didn,t do violence and he wasn,t going down to that guys level.  He wasn,t capable of hurting anyone or himself.  So when the gardai said there was no mistake and it was Shane involved in the events of Aug 16th i knew something was wrong somewhere.

I had thought and what a lot of people think.. is that what happened was because Shane took an overdose. People have to be aware that Professor Healy said it had nothing to do with the overdose and that if you are having an adverse reaction..then one tablet can have a terrible effect!


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