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The Lundbeck Code of Ethics.. Aaw isn’t that sweet!

The Lundbeck Code of Ethics

To maintain our integrity Lundbeck will not accept or engage in corruption in any form, and we train relevant employees in order to prevent corrupt practices. We will act with due care when engaging with business partners, we inform them about our commitment to work against corruption, and expect them to live up to our standards.


1.  Danish pharmaceutical companies deny wrongdoing in UN oil-for-food scandal

By Frank Powley

COPENHAGEN, Sep 8 (APM) – Several major Danish pharmaceutical companies are on the list of 75 Danish firms a UN commission of inquiry is investigating for alleged corruption in the scandal-ridden Iraq oil-for-food programme, newspaper reports said here on Thursday.

Novo Nordisk, Lundbeck and Leo Pharmaceuticals, along with Pharmadanica, Radiometer Medical and Scanpharma have been under UN scrutiny, but deny any wrongdoing, the Copenhagen daily Jyllands-Posten said.
In a statement, Lundbeck said: “We have investigated the matter. The contracts in Iraq were concluded on standard terms and conditions and there is nothing to indicate that Lundbeck has made any form of bribe or pursued any other illegal activities”.

Home2.  Danish pharma firm faces EU antitrust probe,

Published: 08 January 2010

The European Commission has launched an investigation into possible anticompetitive behaviour by Danish drug company Lundbeck, just months after the conclusion of a lengthy inquiry into the pharmaceutical sector.

The firm, which developed anti-depressant medicine Citalopram, stands accused of hindering the entry of a generic form of the drug onto European markets. Lundbeck said it will cooperate with the investigation but insists it has broken no laws.


Home3.  Dr.John Virapen.

Confessions of a Pharma-Insider

Did you know that the research reports and statistics, which are necessary for the approval of drugs by the regulatory authorities, are constantly being edited, so that deaths caused by the side effects of the drug can no longer be found in them?

I became the General Manager of Eli Lilly & Company in Sweden and later worked for global players such as Novo Nordisk and Lundbeck from Denmark.

As far as the product range goes: sometimes, it was wonder pills against arthritis, or the human insulin scandal, or rejuvenating cures (growth hormones), and finally the new psychotropic family of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which are wrongfully called mood lifters. These drugs are anything but that. They drive people to suicide or to kill others. These dangerous substances are not drugs that only treat rare diseases. On the contrary, just one single drug from this family generates billions of dollars in turnover. Per year. Every year.

Home4.  The letter from Lundbeck- Examining the pharmaceutical industry.

Af Anne Lea Landsted

In 2001 I read John le Carres book, the Constant Gardener, about the pharmaceutical industry. Inspired by the book I started investigating the Danish pharmaceutical companies and came across an e-mail from a Sri Lankan professor of pharmacology. He was wondering how the Lundbeck drug, Deanxit, that he had rejected twice for sale in Sri Lanka could end up being sold in Sri Lankan drugstores.

I searched the internet for information about Deanxit and Lundbeck. I spoke with the Danish drug authorities, psychiatrists and the Sri Lankan professor of pharmacology who at this point felt cheated. Lundbeck did not want to be interviewed.

I found out that:

– Deanxit had been rejected twice for sale in Sri Lanka

– Deanxit is a combination drug for mild anxiety and depression

– Deanxit has never been registrered i Denmark because we don’t accept combination drugs

– Deanxit has been registrered for export only

– Lundbeck lies about registration in general. Deanxit is not registred in many of the countries they

List on the internet.

– Deanxit is a very old drug. Most of the documents about Deanxit are old and never published

documents and the drug had not been tested properly.

Later I got access to all documents concerning Lundbeck, Deanxit and Sri Lanka. Among them I noticed a document saying that Deanxit is registered in Denmark. It was a lie. I also found a letter from Lundbeck to SL DRA that should end up being my key document. It referred to a meeting between Lundbeck and seven of Sri Lanka’s leading psychiatrists. The meeting was held in January 1999 six month after Deanxit had been rejected for the second time by SL DRA. The letter stated that all the leading psychiatrists recommended that the drug should be registered for sale in Sri Lanka.

I went to Sri Lanka in December 2001 to check all the information in the three page letter.

I found out that it was a lie, too. During my visit I spoke with all the psychiatrists and a Lundbeck representative who tried to make me give up the story. I also spoke with members of the SL DRA.

– Three of the psychiatrists never attended the meeting

– None of the psychiatrists were told that the drug had already been rejected twice by the SL DRA

– None of the psychiatrists were told that the drug is not registrered in Denmark

– Only one or two of the psychitrists  have perscribed the drug

In a newspaper interview Lundbecks top manager, Erik Sprunk-Jansen called it a scandal and ordered an investigation. The results came a few months later.

– Lundbeck gave an apology to the three psychiatrists who hadn’t participated in the January meeting.

– Lundbeck offered to withdraw the 40 old drugs from the Sri Lankan market

– The case had no consequences for the employees of Lundbeck

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