Who do you believe ?

Excerpt from the lundbeck statement to RTE.

A review of all available data for citalopram (that from clinical trials and that collated after the medicine was made available) shows no increased risk of suicide.

Extensive scientific studies have shown that there is no evidence linking citalopram to violent behaviour.

Thought For The Day   (the irish side of the moon)

If you are in a house and you are about to go outside and four people tell you it is raining outside and one person tells you it is not, then you have to decide who to believe before you take the first step.

Logically you should side with the majority, right?

Surely if every source is telling you the same thing it must be true, right?

But wait… what if there are vested interest  at stake? What if the same four people who say it is raining are also trying to sell you umbrellas & raincoats? Can you still believe them?

Don’t blindly accept/follow the views/opinions of others (eg. the mass media) until you understand why they have come to hold/express those opinions in the first place.

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