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Response – L.Fennell Query

Medinfo (Ireland)  Sep 21

Dear ms. Fennell

Further to your emails to Lundbeck dated 8th August and 11th September 2010, please note that Lundbeck do not discuss details of the specific case of patients who take or have taken Lundbeck medications, either directly with the patient or with family members.
We are prohibited from handling requests from patients/relatives/public for information on personal medical matters i.e. specific details of individual patient care.
Individual medical queries should be raised with a health care professional.
Also please note that the details of this case have been logged both internally in Lundbeck and with the Irish Medicines Board.
Yours sincerely,
Lundbeck (Ireland) Limited.

I didn’t ask them for specific details of Shane,s care or to discuss Shane’s case. I asked them how lundbeck Ireland  can make a statement about how their drug could not cause suicide/violence and lundbeck Canada can make a statement warning about the side effects of the same drug (cipramil/celexa) which include suicide/violence!  Did  i expect them to answer? Not in a million years.
I also asked whether Shane’s case was logged as an adverse reaction. Saying the details were logged (as what?) doesn’t really answer that one either.

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