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Who regulates Psychiatry in Ireland?









Psychiatry In Ireland  are an opinionated  lot. They seemed to have a lot to say about Shane  anyway, but I just wonder can anybody join up? Who regulates psychiatry in Ireland? Here’s a recent article from a New Zealand newspaper:



A convicted drug smuggler worked as a psychiatrist in Christchurch for more than a year, but the Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) says there were no concerns over his work.

The board said yesterday it was reviewing its procedures after Nigerian xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx, 40, was sentenced to 16 months jail for immigration fraud on Wednesday.

The former registrar was convicted in the Christchurch District Court on three charges after he failed to declare his criminal history when applying for a New Zealand visa in 2008.

He worked in general psychiatry from January 2009 until last month, when he resigned after charges were brought by Immigration New Zealand when he applied for residency.

In 1999, xxxxx  was jailed for two years for importing 4.5 kilograms of cannabis into Britain.

In his residency application, xxxxx forged letters from Nigerian hospitals, claiming he was working when he was in fact in prison.

He received a recognised primary medical qualification from the University of Nigeria in 1996.

xxxxx  worked in Ireland from 2004 until January last year, when he qualified as a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. (NO SURPRISES THERE THEN)

CDHB chief medical officer Nigel Millar said there had been no problems with xxxxx’s “competency or treatment of patients”.

“His caseload has been redistributed since he left the organisation and no new concerns have arisen,” he said.

xxxxx  met all the criteria for the position and supplied a Certificate of Good Standing from the Irish Medical Council as evidence of three years good practice in Ireland.

“As with all serious incidents, the CDHB is reviewing its procedures to see if there is anything that the organisation could have done better,” Millar said.

A Christchurch woman who knows xxxxx  through a flat he rented in Addington said his family still lived in Ireland.

“He was going to get his examinations done and decide whether he was going to go back to Ireland when he had his registration,” she said.

“He was quite a clean-living guy. He was just a quiet guy who used to go about his work,” said the woman, who asked not to be named.

The Medical Council of New Zealand said xxxxx’s qualifications and work history were checked when he applied to work in New Zealand.

Council spokesman George Symmes said a gap in xxxxx’s curriculum vitae between March 2003 and July 2004 was explained as the time it took to meet the Irish Medical Council’s requirement for registration.

Three references were received with xxxxx’s application for registration, all indicating he was a good doctor.

“No disclosures regarding the conviction were made by Dr xxxxx,” Symmes said.

There had been no concerns with xxxxx’s performance in New Zealand, and he received positive supervision reports.


I have deleted out this mans name because I have no conflict with him or opinion regarding the issue of what he did. My issue is with Irish psychiatry in general who can stick their noses into my sons inquest when it suits and condemn psychiatrists like Dr Corry when his opinion differs from the pack! So can anybody join up? Exactly how stringent are the regulations?

Jan 15th 2013, Update:

2 thoughts on “Who regulates Psychiatry in Ireland?”

  1. Hi Bernard,
    Aah I don’t think I agree with you there. He was in prison, so I think he has paid for his crime and who knows why he did it?
    Nigeria is not Ireland, Maybe he had to do it to protect his family..who knows!
    I for one am certainly not perfect so it’s not up to me to judge anyone else.
    I was really just making the point of Psychiatry Ireland and how easy it must be to become a member!


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