I have said before about meeting lots of lovely people after Shane died. Rory is one of those people and has been a huge help to myself and Tony. He has helped us so much, just in explaining how it’s possible for SSRIs to do this to somebody. Anybody who knew Shane would know how ridiculous this is. Professor Healy is the medical expert who can explain it in the scientific way and Rory can explain it in his own way because he has actually lived through it. (And Rory, i’m so glad you did).
He has written to the Irish College of psychiatry after their statement saying there is no link between SSRIs and suicide/ violence. It’s people like Rory who will eventually bring change.
His letter is below..



For the attention of:
Ms Ardrea Ryder & All
The College of Psychiatry of Ireland
5 Herbert Street
Dublin 2

14th May 2010

Dear Professors, Doctors, Sirs & Madams

I read with interest your recent press statement dated 13th May media concerning anti-depressant medication clarification & your assertion “there is no link between anti-depressant use & homicide” & that SSRI anti-depressants such as the drug Citalopram (sold as Cipramil) which Mr Shane Clancy took, showed that there was no evidence that these drugs cause patients to take their own lives

I’m afraid that I disagree with you as I am one of those people & I will give a link to many other people that will also contradict you

In 1999/2000 I was suffering anxiety attacks & was diagnosed in St John of Gods as suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (after witnessing a horrific death). I was not in the slightest bit depressed & was prescribed 30mgs of Seroxat daily

After a week or two I found that I was feeling much worse & went back, only to have the dose upped to 40mgs. 3 days later I tried to hang myself. I had never been suicidal in my life before this. Once again my dose was upped, this time to 50mgs a day

In the weeks that followed I attempted to drown myself by jumping in the sea & twice overdosing. It wasn’t any will to live that kept me alive, just that I wasn’t very good at suicide. My wife also awoke one night to find me standing over her with a carving knife – If she hadn’t woke up I am convinced I would have killed the woman I loved for no reason whatsoever

I went back to St John of Gods & they took me straight off the Seroxat 50mgs cold turkey – I suffered horrific withdrawals including electric zap sensations in my brain that lasted months, however, I was no longer in the slightest bit suicidal & have not been in the 10 years since

I was given low doses of Zispin & Xanax to take & that was perfect for my illness (PTSD)

In 2001 I set up an online support group for people suffering from Depression / Anxiety http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/depression-anxiety/ the group has over 300,000 posts
In the group I have met hundreds of people with identical stories to mine – where SSRI’s have made them suicidal where there has been no history of feeling suicidal beforehand

There is a petition online from a few years ago against Paxil (Seroxat’s brand name in USA) with 10,000 signatures & comments (including harrowing stories)

I ask you please to visit this petition & click “View Current Signatures” & read them
There are a lot of comments from people who became addicted to SSRI’s & there are also lots of comments from people who say that these drugs made them suicidal

I’m afraid most of these people would contradict you & I am living proof as to what SSRI’s can do (I dread to think how many people are no longer here to tell their story)

You will not just find a “casual” link but a very real link between SSRI’s & suicides if you visit the links provided.
These are the first hand accounts of real people who not only found SSRI’s highly addictive but in very many cases found themselves feeling suicidal where they had never been suicidal before. Indeed you will find quite a few people who have been on several different types of anti-depressants before & not felt suicidal in any way before  taking SSRI’s

The very first time I heard about Shane Clancy on the news I turned to my wife & said “I bet he’s on meds” – I was right

People like Prof David Healy, Dr Ann Blake Tracy & www.drugawareness.org are also right

There was a long report produced for the inquest & you seemed to dismiss it on the day without having read it at all

Too many “experts” I have met over the years have relied on drug company reports

When I approached my GP with my issues he told me to contact the Irish Medicines Board & they told me to get a “Yellow card” regarding adverse reactions from my GP & send it to them. My GP had never seen yellow cards in his years of practice or been offered them from IMB (IMB later said I was the only person to send one. 6 months later after I highlighted this in the press they had received over 200 on Seroxat alone)

In 2002, My GP Dr xxxxx  xxxxxx  in xxxxx  (not psych) phoned me & asked me to come down to explain my own experience to the GlaxoSmithkiline salesman that was dropping in post its, posters, pens, tissue boxes etc to his surgery that would subliminally give the GSK messages to patients (my doc saw my decline whilst on Seroxat)

I confronted the salesman with the GSK Yugoslavian drug trial results that showed that in a study of 100’s of healthy people taking Seroxat, 6 people had committed suicide in the following 12 months (there were 25 trials worldwide of Seroxat & SMK only produced the top (best) 5 trial results when getting the licence from the FDA in the US for Paxil/Seroxat)

The salesman promised me he would look into it & get back to me

SMK wrote to me a week later (at home) & told me my accusations were found-less – the next day I checked the website that I had found all results of each of the trials had vanished
(In those days – the only people getting information using the drug name instead of the brand name were scientists, doctors & guess what – professors)

I am now 45, alive & healthy – I am not anti medication, as that would make me a hypocrite
I have listened to Shane Clancy’s background & I can tell you as fact – if not for the medication he was on, no-one would have died that night

I’m not trying to belittle you in any way – I’m simply pointing out to you that I walked in Shane Clancy’s shoes & am alive to tell the tale. If you read the above links, I hope you will take these on board without solely relying on many reports that are partially or fully, drug company funded

That is up to you – take care

Love & Respect

Rory Stokes
x xxx  xxxxx
xxxxx xxxx

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