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Thanks to Jan o’Sullivan.

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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

3 thoughts on “Thanks to Jan o’Sullivan.”

  1. I developed Manic Depression/Bipolar symptoms while on Ciprager, which is the same drug as Shane was on I think. I should never have been put on this drug as my father had a diagnosis of Manic Depression. I have “my file” from the hospital and there is so much crap in it. But they conveniently make no link between the fact that I was on Ciprager and the fact that I was sectioned in 2008. They write about me as if I am some kind of child. Not a woman who is around 40. I have been through a few years of trauma because of our pathetic mental health service. The Occupational Therapist is the only one that has been of any real assistance. I cannot believe what people have written about me behind me back and the amount of inaccuracies, misinformation and misunderstanding.


    1. Hi Lisa,
      Yes, that is the same drug Shane was on. Unfortunately the Irish Medicines Board are mainly funded by the drug companies which can be the only reason that the side-effects are glossed over in Ireland. As Mary Harney stated “the package leaflet must be clear and understandable” but they are not and it was her job to do it when this question was brought up in the Dail.
      She also had the ‘priviledge’ of opening the Lundbeck office in Dublin, the same company who makes Citalopram also known as Cipramil/Celexa/Cipager/Citrol. Conflict of interest, anyone??
      I’m so sorry that you had that experience, the medical professionals in Ireland don’t seem to understand that the problems can come with the drugs and sometimes can be CAUSED by the drugs. I do hope you are OK now and thanks for the comment.


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