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Irish’re letting yourselves down!

International Warnings on Psychiatric Drugs Causing
Hostility, Aggression, Homicidal and Suicidal Behavior/Ideation.
 May , 2004,
Lundbeck Canada issued a warning to  Health Care Professionals advising of reports that SSRIs and other newer anti-depressants, in both pediatrics and adults, can have severe agitation-type adverse events coupled with self-harm or harm to others.
April 25:
 The European Medicines Agency’s scientific committee concluded
that all SSRI and SNRI antidepressants were associated with increased suicide ideation and related behavior and hostility in young people.
June 30:
 The FDA issued a Public Health Advisory entitled “Suicidality in Adults
Being Treated with Antidepressant Medications,” that stated that several recent
scientific publications suggested the possibility of an increased risk of suicidal
behavior in adult s taking antidepressants.
July 1:
 An FDA “Talk Paper,” entitled “FDA Reviews Data for Antidepressant
Use in Adults,” said the FDA had asked antidepressant manufacturers to provide
information from their clinical trials on possible increased suicidal behavior in
August 4:
The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration published anAdverse Drug Reactions Bulletin reporting evidence supporting an association
between SSRI use and “new onset of suicidality” in adults. It usually
developed shortly after commencing the drugs or after an increase in dosage
that could cause akathisia, agitation, nervousness and anxiety. Similar
symptoms could also occur during  withdrawal.
The FDA’s Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting
Program reported “homicidal ideation” as an adverse event of Effexor ER
(extended release).
February:Health Canada approved a new warning label for Paxil to warn that
those taking it may experience unusual feelings of agitation, hostility or
anxiety, or have impulsive or disturbing thoughts, such as thoughts of
self-harm or harm to others.”Health Canada required Paxil’s product
information to detail a list of “rare” side effects, including delusions, hostility,
psychosis, and psychotic depression.
February 9:
Japan’s National Health Ministry directed pharmacy companies to
revise labeling to warn that antidepressants could cause suicide.
May 12:
The FDA and GSK warned doctors that Paxil could increase the risk of
suicide in young adults. It was the first drug manufacturer warning that linked
an SSRI antidepressant to suicide in adults.
 The FDA warned that use of antipsychotic drugs like Seroquel can lead to a potentially fatal disorder called Neurolepetic Malignant Syndrome,
characterized by muscle rigidity and fever (also associated with agitation, confusion and altered mental status). AstraZeneca’s Web site on Seroquel
warned potential users about the risks ofsuicide.
June 14:
Japan’s Health Ministry ordered GSK to change its package insert for
Paxil to add the caution that the drug can cause the risk of suicidal action for
young adults.
December 13:
The FDA held a hearing into the relationship between antidepressants and suicide in those 18-25 years of age (“young adults”). The
Committee indicated that evidence existed to extend the black box warning from age 18 to 25.


May 2:
The FDA officially extended the age group for the black box warning
about antidepressant inducing suicidal thinking and behavior from 18 to 24.
November 7:
The Japan Health Ministry ordered pharmaceutical firms to
include warnings about the increased suicide risk associated with taking
antidepressant drugs in patients aged 24 or younger.
February 5:
The UK Government’s Medicines and Healthcare Products
Regulatory Agency said antidepressant manufacturers would be required to
update the warnings on suicidal thoughts and behavior.
O.K. so now we see what an Irish Psychiatrist (Patricia Casey)  will say…Watch the youtube clip below and scroll up to 5 mins and 36 seconds and a man asks the question about suicide/homicide.
It’s 2010, How can this go on? As far as i’m aware none of the Irish college of  Psychiatry are experts on ssri’s. Thats why Professor David Healy came over to speak..He is an expert and has done all the research and provided a lenghty report about this at Shane’s inquest.
They ignored him and deny the mounting evidence of suicide/Homicide  relating to ssri,s. WHY??

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