Our story.

Another rant!

I need to get a few things straight for people who are wondering why I’m doing this. This was an article reported in the Sunday Tribune this week…

“Ali Bracken, Crime Correspondent

The family of a young man who carried out a murder-suicide last year will attempt to take separate civil actions against two doctors who prescribed him anti-depressants. The family maintains he did not receive adequate care from these medical professionals.

The family of 22-year-old Shane Clancy believes the anti-depressants he was taking drove him to carry out his crime.

It is understood the Medical Council is investigating a complaint made by the Clancy family about the GPs who prescribed anti-depressants for Shane.

Through their solicitor, the family claimed Shane should not have been prescribed a month’s supply of medication from a GP he visited in Bray, Co Wicklow, and that he should have received a better standard of medical care when he attempted to convey to another GP at the same surgery that his tongue had become swollen a few days after taking the medication.

Within days, Shane obtained another prescription for antidepressants in Ashford, Co Wicklow, after he told the second doctor that he had attempted to overdose on anti-depressants the day before.

The Clancy family has complained to the Medical Council that the second GP should not have prescribed more anti-depressants in light of the overdose attempt.Having received the complaint, the Medical Council is now seeking information from the GPs concerned, it is understood. The council declined to comment.

Regardless of the outcome of this investigation, the Clancy family intends to take civil actions against the GPs in question. The purpose of this legal action is not for monetary gain, the family claims, but to continue to raise awareness over the potential
side effects anti-depressants can have on those who use them.

At an inquest into Shane’s death, Professor David Healy from the University of Cardiff said that in a small number of cases antidepressants could cause people to become potentially homicidal or suicidal. Healy also said he believed the 22-year-old had suffered an adverse reaction to the drug.He stressed that most people could use the drug safely, but said he had concerns over the safety warnings given with the drug in Ireland.Shane’s mother, Leonie Fennell, has spoken about her belief that her son’s depression was made worse and caused him to carry out his crime.”

Ali Bracken is a very good journalist and one whom I have no problem talking to, as she seems to be one of the few journalists willing to tell the truth. Personally though, if I was reading this article I would still wonder whether the people involved were doing it for monetary gain.

This is what I want people to know. We will never accept a penny of “blood money” from anyone, doctors or pharmaceutical companies! Shane is dead and we can’t change the events of Aug 16th 2009 (for anybody). But money will never help. We don’t want or need it! All of Bill Gates’s money will not mend my family’s sore hearts!

I question whether Doctors and psychiatrists know that you are twice as likely to kill yourself on antidepressants as you are on a placebo and if they don’t know, then why..It’s their job to know. The Irish Medicines Board have all this information and believe the warnings are sufficient on the patient information leaflets but the warnings about “suicide ideation” are blamed on the depression and not the drug. The only thing that I never question is Shane and the person that he was. I will do whatever it takes for people to know the truth and never be in the position that we are in.

There was also a report from a lovely priest (my attempt at sarcasm) that questioned“the exploitation of the parents of murderer Shane Clancy by having them appear on the late late show.”

He wrote: “Who, in fact, persuaded them that this was the right thing to do?

“Were they there because some television producers and presenters felt compassion for them or because they represented hot stories and would lift ratings?”

Fr O’Donoghue also asked why Shane Clancy’s use of anti-depressants was being used as a defence for his actions.

“A consensus began to build at once, with many people saying ‘he was on anti-depressants,’ as if that were a satisfactory explanation for homicidal behaviour,” he said.

Fr O’Donoghue also supported a psychologist’s condemnation of Shane’s parents’ suggestion that anti-depressants were the only logical explanation behind the killing.

But he warned; “I doubt if even their combined experience and wisdom will prevent the widespread acceptance of such a simple explanation for such appalling violence.”

Thank God Shane doesn’t have to answer to him! He doesn’t know us and if he did he would know that we would never be exploited by anyone. I will always be grateful to the Late Late Show team for letting us tell our side of the story, whatever their reasons behind it. Lundbeck and the other ssri manufacturers always try to blame the depression and the fact that the people in these cases relating to suicide/homicide ( including a lot of the school shootings around the world) had problems before they started the drugs. HELLO..What type of person  takes antidepressants? Do you have to be perfect and euphoric? Actually he wasn’t euphoric but he was perfect. I thought that anyone starting an antidepressant is trying to get better. Do you think  the chicken and egg syndrome will have it all sewn up for the big pharmaceuticals ? Not if we have anything to do with it!


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