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It’s slightly ironic that in my last post Shane is holding a lucozade bottle which is manufactured by GSK and who are the makers of Seroxat (another ssri) who hid details of their drug trials to get a license for another killer drug. Shane was always lecturing me for buying coca cola because he said the company were involved in some shady dealings in the third world. Why didn’t he check out Lucozade????

GSK were sensationally exposed as liars on the BBC’S Panorama.

It’s still being marketed..How and why??? 

The link to the Seroxat panorama programme…

After Shane’s inquest his information was logged as “of medical importance”. Who is one! How many more people will die before someone investigates the pharmaceutical companies tactics? I have e-mailed every TD that I can think of, The president, The Taoiseach,..usually an automated response.

Mary Harney’s PA told me this, “The Minister has noted your concerns in relation to prescribing of anti-depressants and she has referred your concerns to the Irish Medicines Board and to the College of Psychiatry of Ireland for attention.”

I have e-mailed the IMB countless times..they’re doing nothing. The College of Psychiatry deny all existance of a link between antidepressants and suicide/violence, so no point in going there!

I also e-mailed Minister John Maloney, T.D who deals with mental health and he didn’t even bother with an automated response!


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