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Adverse Drug Reactions with citalopram.

Ok…So I knows it’s all a bit boring reading about antidepressants and ADR’s, and it’s only important to the people who are directly affected by adverse drug reactions.

So what it boils down to is this, I sent off a Freedom Of Information request to the EMA (European Medicines Agency) regarding citalopram and they sent me the details below.
There were 17,165 adverse drug reaction’s reported with this drug, ranging from eye disorders to cardiac disorders.
There was also 1,448 adverse drug reactions with this drug, involving aggression, homicide or suicide.
So that makes 18,613 ADR’s reported with citalopram..AAH THAT MAKES IT OK THEN!
Considering the fact that only a small percentage of adverse reactions are actually reported, it would make you wonder how many how many actual suicide or homicide cases are not reported as being medicated with antidepressants!
It seems to me that if you commit suicide on an ANTIdepressant, then at the very least (as the name suggests), they are not working very well, if at all.
If anyone wants a copy of the EMA report, I will gladly e-mail one!
At the risk of sounding like a looper..

Where are you Shaney?

Why have we not got you for christmas?

You loved christmas just as much as I do/did/do/don’t know!

Jack says the one thing he wants wants for christmas is for you to be here! What am I supposed to say?

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power then we will have peace.” Jimmy Hendrix



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