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What lundbeck say at inquests of people that used their drugs.

It would seem to me that lundbeck are kept very busy attending inquests of people that have taken their medication.

(Is that in itself not a contradiction in terms?)

It also seems to me that with the size of their legal team, they could at least get their story straight.

Yvonne woodley’s inquest. U.K.

Dr Christopher Muldoon, representing Lundbeck which manufactures the drug, said: ‘The drug is safely used by millions of people but it could cause someone to take their life who had not previously thought of doing so.

‘I don’t think this was the case with Mrs Woodley as I think it was her underlying depressive illness.’ (Of course you don’t.)

Brodie Sian Foot aged 23 years Australia.

Ms Foot’s family was concerned about the provision of Citalopram to Ms Foot.  Citalopram is an antidepressant medication and is one of the class of drug known as an SSRI or Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibiter.  Their concern was based upon reports of suicidal behaviour in association with SSRI antidepressants.

”The best available evidence is that at the population level there is no convincing evidence that SSRIs are associated with suicidal behaviour.”

“However, whilst such studies at the population level are reassuring in regard to the use of SSRIs in depressed persons, one can never exclude the possibility that there may be an idiosyncratic response of an individual to a drug ….. just as there can be to any other medication.  However, the data, at the population level, do not support the assertion that SSRIs such as Citalopram are causally related to suicidal behaviour”.
Professor Goldney informed the Court both in his report, and his oral evidence, that he sits on an advisory panel of the pharmaceutical company Lundbeck Australia, which is the manufacturer of the drug Citalopram.  He made this disclosure lest it be thought that his evidence might be coloured by his association with that company. (Of course not.)

Charmaine Dragun’s inquest, Australia.

Dr Deborah Pelser from Lundbeck Australia – maker of the drug Lexapro – said the company recommended one to two drug-free days if a patient was switching to the drug from another anti-depressant, Efexor.

Mr Hirsch also referred Dr Pelser to the symptoms exhibited by Ms Dragun, on the day she began taking Lexapro and asked if they could have something to do with that drug. “Most certainly, it is in the product information, so yes it is possible,” she said. (An honest Lundbeck doctor maybe?)

Shane’s inquest, Ireland…

Excerps from the lundbeck statement to RTE after Shane,s inquest..

Extensive scientific studies have shown that there is no evidence linking citalopram to violent behaviour.

A review of all available data for citalopram (that from clinical trials and that collated after the medicine was made available) shows no increased risk of suicide. (No risk whatsoever!)

 Lundbeck Canada

Adult and Pediatrics:

There are clinical trial and post-marketing reports with SSRIs and other newer anti-depressants, in both pediatrics and adults, of severe agitation-type adverse events coupled with self-harm or harm to others. The agitation-type events include: akathisia, agitation, disinhibition, emotional lability, hostility, aggression, depersonalization. In some cases, the events occurred within several weeks of starting treatment. (That would seem to me to constitute a risk.)

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