Shanes story.

A letter from Shane’s work colleague.

For those who didn’t know Shane..

When this blog started, Leonie had wrote “I didn’t intend this site to be about antidepressants and the failures of psychiatry or the lies of Lundbeck. I intended it to be about Shane and what he was like..”
I think unfortunately, they go hand in hand. If it wasn’t for the failures of psychiatry, and the pompous and callous lack of actions from pharmaceutical companies, we wouldn’t need to shout how amazing Shane was from the roof tops… He would be doing it himself, with all the beautiful selfless things he did.

I would like to talk about the Shane I knew.. The Shane who brought sunshine, warmth and kindness into the lives of others. I do not know Shane’s family, nor his friends. I have no obligation to share this. But I must…. Not only for Shane, but the many out there in danger of having the same thing take control over them.

I met Shane at my work.. He had come in to volunteer with a young man who was dying and had little visitors. Shane would worry that he wasn’t doing enough. He would spend hours with this guy each week, never realising the impact he was having and how much his visits meant. He had no idea how he touched this mans life, not to mention all the girls at work!!

No one could believe a young busy man such as Shane would take time out of his busy day with college and working to spend at a children’s hospice. Shane often spoke of his family, especially at Christmas. He spoke of his passions and desire to travel. Shane was destined for amazing things, and so were those blessed to be a part of his life.

In a million years I would never have imagined what has happened. Hand on my heart, something turned Shane. We can’t bring him back, nor those he harmed. We cannot take the hurt away from all of those involved.. But we can do everything in our power to make pharmaceutical companies and doctors stand up and tell the truth and change.

We can stuff the undeniable truth down their throats till they can deny no more and warn people at risk.

Shane… You pop into my head all the time. I use you as a reminder to do as you did. Give money to the homeless, volunteer, stop and realize the beauty around me… And of course to appreciate my beautiful country Australia! Xoxo

May this tragedy not be in vain.

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