cipramil fumes I wonder?

shane and henry

I wonder which chemical caused this latest incident at lundbeck? Cipramil fumes or could it be pentobarbital?  The drug that lundbeck manufacture  and the drug which is currently being used to kill people on death row in Oklahoma and in Ohio from march ?

Ten fire fighters hospitalised after chemical inhalation

Wednesday, 16 February 2011 12:03  JB News

Laboratory fire at pharmaceutical company sent ten Copenhagen fire fighters to hospital

The Copenhagen Fire Brigade has begun an internal investigation into how ten of its fire fighters required hospitalisation after breathing poisonous fumes at a fire at the pharmaceutical firm Lundbeck, in Valby, on Tuesday night, reports Berlingske newspaper.

A number of bottles filled with chemicals were broken during the fire. The fire fighters were all wearing respiration masks, but somehow came into contact with noxious chemicals anyway.

“It’s extremely odd that it happened. We are therefore starting an internal investigation to establish how it occurred, said Mads Graversen, attending physician for Copenhagen Fire Brigade.

He pointed out that the ten fire fighters could have spilled poisonous material on their gloves or clothes. The poison could then have been breathed in or swallowed when they removed their safety gear after the fire. That’s one question the fire department hopes to clarify through the investigation.

Exactly which chemicals the fire fighters breathed or swallowed is still unknown, but doctors decided to keep all ten under observation.

Graversen said a number of the fire fighters had a tickling sensation in their throats yesterday, but all are in fact okay and will be released from hospital after observation earliest Wednesday evening.

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