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Proof if you need it!

For anyone who needs proof that cipramil and other anti-depressants can cause suicide/violence please watch this youtube video…It’s 26 minutes long.

You are being lied to by psychiatrists in Ireland, lundbeck and other pharmaceutical companies.

Prof Dinan said he could say with “100 per cent certainty and without any fear of contradiction” that modern anti-depressants such as the drug Citalopram (sold as Cipramil) which Mr Clancy took do not cause people to commit murder. He added that there was no evidence either that the drugs cause patients to take their own lives.

The UCC professor, who is a former head of psychiatry at Bart’s Hospital in London and is now in public practice, said he felt compelled to speak out because of the reluctance of the college to do so.

Peter R. Breggin, MD – Antidepressants & Suicide – Congressional Testimony

1 thought on “Proof if you need it!”

  1. The attitude these psychiatrists display towards the genuine and serious concerns of people they prescribe these drugs to is quite simply mind-blowing.. Their audacity and arrogance is stunning.. Not to mention shameful… For anybody to say they are 100% certain of anything is most arrogant and ridiculous… There is no 100 % certainty when you are dealing with matters of the mind.. No sane scientist would ever think that.. Particularly when we are dealing with psychiatric meds, emotions and the complexities of the human condition.. Unreal how they get away with such utter nonsense..


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