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Forest Labs, one old man and his association with lundbeck! (The truth)


There have been reports this week of the Obama administration going after the CEO of Forest Labs Howard Soloman, by threatening to exclude him from doing business with the federal government which could prevent Forest from selling its drugs to Medicare, Medicaid and the Veterans Administration and which will probably mean he will have to stand down from his job.

Reuters:  ” The government’s bid to oust a longtime drug-industry CEO over Forest Laboratories Inc’s marketing violations is raising alarms in the industry, which is accustomed to paying fines to settle such cases”.

Howard Solomon looks like a nice old man and you would almost feel sorry for him, except for one fact, this nice man did a deal with lundbeck to peddle celexa/cipramil in the U.S. and not satisfied with all the millions of dollars profit, allowed (inter alia) his company to promote celexa for off-label use for children, despite the fact that in his possession, was details of the  lundbeck trial that showed celexa was harmful to under 18’s and could cause them to commit suicide! The company decided to hide the negative trial and went on to promote this drug for children..NICE!

 Howard started off with a  fairly modest drug company called Forest Laboratories Inc in New York City,  then when his son got depression in 1994, he says he searched for a cure and this is how he came upon celexa (cipramil). Now the thing is…he admits that he never gave his son celexa. Hmmm. He said (If my memory serves me correctly) that the reason was, because he had already found a suitable medication. (Or was it because he had been made aware of the reports of suicide and violence associated with the same drug). Did the lure of the dollar make your concience go away Mr.Solomon?

I wonder how his son is now…BECAUSE MY SON IS DEAD!

Forest Labs are also one of the pharmaceutical companies who have a subsidiary based here in Ireland, surprise, surprise.  I’m sure the Irish government give plenty of tax breaks and make them feel very welcome! Irish pharma link.

They were eventually fined $313 million dollars to settle criminal and civil charges arising out of these matters!

The civil case included allegations that Forest paid kickbacks to encourage doctors to prescribe their antidepressants.

By the way Howard…I’ll be thinking about you you as you’re clearing out your desk, nobody else will. YOU’RE JUST A STATISTIC,JUST LIKE MY SON.

1 thought on “Forest Labs, one old man and his association with lundbeck! (The truth)”

  1. The drug companies involved in financing and/or directly creating and marketing TMAP
    included Forrest Laboratories. The “Texas Medication Algorithm Project” (TMAP) began in Texas in 1995 when George W. Bush was governor.
    TMAP was next recommended by now-President Bush’s New Freedom Commission as a model program for the entire country. Through TMAP, the drug industry methodically compromised the decision making of elected and appointed public officials to gain access to captive populations of mentally ill individuals in prisons and state mental health hospitals.
    The treatment model accepted by these state officials had a fundamental requirement rooted deep within it: Doctors must first treat their patients with the newest, most expensive drugs patented by the pharmaceutical companies. The state doctors treating mental illness could choose which patented drug to use, but effectively could not choose to use less expensive generic drugs unless and until the patented drugs failed.
    Drug companies marketed their newer, patented medications as safer and more effective than the older, generic brands. These drugs, they said, not only better treated the symptoms of mental illness, they did so without the troublesome side-effects often seen with conventional medications.
    However, these new “miracle” drugs did not live up to their hype. They have proven to be no better than generics. Most of the new drugs have been found to cause serious, even fatal side-effects, particularly in children. It is a statistical certainty that many lives have been lost and many others irreparably damaged.


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