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Exposing lundbeck…the truth hurts. (but not as much as for the families left behind)

I’m sure i’m getting a bit boring, banging on about these antidepressants and side-effects. There is a lot already published about forest labs and celexa in America, but not much awareness in Ireland and Europe about the deadly side-effects of these drugs. MAYBE THAT’S ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE!

lundbeck as many of you are aware are a Danish company who were the creators of cipramil/celexa. It seems they have a small problem at the moment with their national tv channel ( doing an  exposé on the side-effects of their drugs (It would be like rte doing an exposé on Guinnesses or Tayto). DR.DK are doing a series of weekly episodes regarding the dangerous side-effects of lundbeck’s antidepressants.

We took part willingly in this programme.

The first episode is about an American child Daniel Radenz, a gorgeous 12 year old who killed himself, while on cipramil. Professor Healy is brilliant as always at telling the truth, and it’s great to see good journalism and journalists who are not afraid to tackle the truth, no matter how close to home!

Here is the link to the tv channel LINK and a programme will automatically come up. Directly underneath is a box titled 21sunday (Click on the box to watch the programme and watch the lundbeck guy squirm). Some is in English and some is in Danish but res ipsa loquitur (The facts speak for itself).

2 thoughts on “Exposing lundbeck…the truth hurts. (but not as much as for the families left behind)”

  1. I was watching the video that first popped up for a while before I realized it was the wrong one. Then I saw in the top left corner the button labeled 21 Sontag. The first half of the video (about 20 minutes)is the relevant part.
    It is encouraging to see more and more investigative journalism type shows exposing the pharmaceutical industry and psychiatry for the frauds they are. Dr. David Healy is brilliant as usual in this regard.
    The almost Orwellian situation is frightening where in some States the parents can be charged and threatened with having their children taken away by the Child Protective Services if they don’t administer the poisons to their child prescribed by the doctor. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has itself been an object of reports of unusual numbers of poisonings, death, rapes and pregnancies of children under its care since 2004.
    It seems the only way to avoid this nightmare is to never take your child to the doctor for a psychological problem. As it turns out that is the safest way to go.


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