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HEY LUNDBECK….Leave our kids alone!

Just wanted to give you an up-date on my last post. As I said, DR.DK are doing an exposé on lundbeck and the side-effects of their nasty drugs. This is Denmark tv going after their own homegrown company, so it’s a huge thing over there as you can imagine. The interviewer told me they had all the facts backed up with evidence so lundbeck won’t squirm out of this one too easily! There will be lots more to come from this tv station and this programme…

Link to first programme…21sondag                                                                     

Link to our bit on the Danish news yesterday (And of course Professor Healy)…News

I know people will say antidepressants work for some people, and that’s great if they do, but my issue is with “when they don’t” and they certainly didn’t work for my son and lots of other sons and daughters. These drugs are killing people and I have no intention of letting lundbeck off the hook until they give out the same warnings over here, as they do in other countries. I haven’t even started! At least if suicide ideation, homicide ideation and agression is on the box, patients might have some chance. Do any of us “normal people” know the meaning of akathisia? (The condition associated with suicide/violence and written on the patient information leaflet).

They Cause 40,000 Deaths a Year – But They’re Handed Out Like Candy… LINK

1 thought on “HEY LUNDBECK….Leave our kids alone!”

  1. The link to is very informative. Especially the new studies by Eva Redei that show that stress genes are different from depression genes, contradicting the theory that stress causes depression. Also that depression starts higher up in the chain of events in the brain in the development and functioning of neurons is different from the old theory which is that it’s the result of decreased levels of the neurotransmitters.
    I’ve always contended that any molecular imbalance is an effect and not a cause of depression but good luck trying to get a psychiatrist to acknowledge that.


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