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Update on my previous post on Professor Tim Dinan.

Monday 19 October 2009… Eight professors of psychiatry, including UCC Professor Timothy “Ted” Dinan, had a letter published in the Irish Times criticising what the incorruptable and tireless advocate for the underdog, Dr Michael Corry had to say about the role ssri’s played with what happened to Shane, and also his public exposure of the dangers of antidepressants.

11-13  Nov, 2009…The previous week Professor Dinan had been in Monoco attending this conference LINK  as a “Scientific Adviser”.  It was sponsored by pfiser, pierre fabre, and yep…lundbeck.

That’s not all I have to say on this matter. Note the advertisment on the end of this programme for none other than cipralex (lundbeck), and which has this written in the middle…Precautions: The special warnings and precautions which apply to the class of SSRIs.

You mean these precautions?…Link  Did the Irish Times not report yesterday on the inquest of Nicholas Maguire, that Professor Dinan said he was “not aware of any convincing evidence linking Sertraline to suicidal behaviour”? Is Sertraline/zoloft not a ssri? Why bother putting precautions in the advertisments or medical journals when our “esteemed” psychiatrists can ignore them and play God with Irish lives?


Professor Dinan, I wonder did you enjoy your July 2009 trip (4 months before your Monoco one) to Paris, where you spoke at the 9th World congress of biological Psychiatry? They had one “A-level” sponsor…oops lundbeck again! Link

And just in case you missed this in my last post…

1 thought on “Update on my previous post on Professor Tim Dinan.”

  1. I’m sure Monaco would be a pretty nice place for doing some ‘ scientific advising’. You would have to ponder why psychiatrists undermine their credibility by working for drug companies? The top one’s can command six figure salaries without including drug company money. Maybe sometimes enough is never enough for some?


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