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I was on the internet today researching a young man who died in a citalopram/cipramil trial in India. His name was Dharmesh Vasava, he was 22 and died shortly after participating in a trial for citalopram. At first he was reported to be in hospital with pneumonia and on humanitarian grounds, the company (Sun pharmaceuticals Link) paid for his treatment (Their kindness is staggering). He died a few days later!

Dharmesh was a causal labourer, his mother was a sweeper in a local school, while his father worked in a textile mill on daily wages. According to another participant of the same trial, the subjects were lured with money by agents working for the company. Vasava’s brother, Mukesh, told Bharuch police that Dharmesh became a victim of negligence of the pharma company that took his blood for tests. The People’s Union of Civil Liberties, Vadodara, conducted an investigation into the death. PUCL suggested that the participants were unlikely to have been able to give their voluntary informed consent to participate.

Drug trials are going on all over the world but there seems to be a sinister trend with the amount of drug companies doing trials on the poor people of India, with the quality of these trials in some cases questionable at best. These trials have been sponsored by the big players (among others) Lundbeck, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, GlaxoSmithKline, Shire, Novartis, Bayer, Merck, Sanofi Aventis and Roche.

The Business Standard reported that there were 671 deaths logged last year in drug trials in India and there is evidence that compensation was only given in 3 cases.Link. There have been questions raised about the data quality in some of these trials along with problems with corruption and scams, and presumably the same data that drug companies are using to get approval for the same drugs from the fda, the ema, the mhra and the Irish Medicines Board!

In one Indian hospital alone 49 babies died involving drug testing. Link

How is this going on in 2011? India is only half way from here to Australia, not a different planet!! Are Indian babies not worth as much as Irish babies???? Ah yes I forgot, drug trials/experiments were done on babies and children in Ireland too. Link , and Link.

Do the Irish government officials know when they are wining, dining and greeting these drug company executives off planes, that they are killing people across the globe?

Drug Trials—the Dark Side (BMJ)…Link

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