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The President, Suicidology, Roche and lundbeck.

The 24th biennial congress was held in Killarney in Aug/Sept 2007. It was hosted by the ‘Irish Association of suicidology’ whose patron is the president of Ireland, Mary McAleese. The title was “Preventing suicide across the lifespan; Dreams and Realities”.

Members of the organising comittee included Dr Justin Brophy (who along with Patricia Casey has denied a link to antidepressant use and suicide or homicide), and Prof Kevin Malone co-founder of the 3t’s (turn the tide of suicide) who is one of the 8 professors who wrote to the Irish times criticising Dr.Micheal Corry for his public exposure of the dangers of antidepressants. Dr John Connolly was the congress president who has lectured before (along with Prof Casey) about suicide at another seminar in Dublin and which was surprise,surprise, sponsored by lundbeck. Link

Among the sponsors of this seminar were the pharmaceutical companies lundbeck and Roche. Now you will have to pardon my ignorance once again, being a humble hairdresser, but was Roche not the manufacturers of roaccutane, an acne medication known to cause suicide in some people and currently in the midst of an on-going investigation initiated by an Irish man? Link

Accutane side effects can be so severe that in 2004 the FDA named Accutane one of the 5 most dangerous prescription drugs available…Link

Roche pharmaceuticals has previously pleaded guilty for perpetrating worldwide corruption and fraud and fined $500 million for these crimes…Link

Is lundbeck not the same manufacturers of cipramil and have they not already acknowledged reports of self harm/harm to others (AKA suicide/homicide) associated with their drug? I would have thought that if any of these people were truly interested in getting to the bottom of suicide and the reasons behind it, they would surely want an investigation into this medication that countless people are blaming for causing suicide and violence, and which medical experts have already said causes both!

An antitrust investigation was launched last year against lundbeck by the European Commission; the company has been fined, inter alia, for breaching marketing rules, and is currently refusing to stop the U.S. from using their drug Pentobarbitol for executions…Link

Strange bedfellows? Surely these people are not the type of people that the President should allow herself to be associated with, no matter how many jobs they generate or how much money they can bring into the country? I wrote to Mary McAleese last year (and again last week) asking for her help with an investigation into these drugs. She replied that she was “prevented from intervening in matters which are the responsibility of the government”. What about an intervention from someone who is the patron of “the Irish Association of suicidology” then??

I’m not having a go at the president, who by all accounts is a lovely woman and doing a fantastic job but something needs to be done in this country, the blinkers need to come off and these pharmaceuticals companies need to be brought to task, just like Barack Obama is doing with Forest Labs in America (and incidentally, for wrong doing with celexa/cipramil)!


8 thoughts on “The President, Suicidology, Roche and lundbeck.”

  1. Look at you with your Snipping tool 😉

    You are doing grand work Leonie – keep it up and don’t let the pharma whores grind you down.


  2. In the U.S. it is all about the money. Marketing is not medicine. In my opinion, that has been the bottom line here concerning our ‘Mental Health’ system and has corrupted our health care system to the core. Keep fighting Leonie. People are just beginning to hear the word.


  3. Successive Irish government’s have invested a huge amount of time and money encouraging direct foreign investment by multinationals including the pharmaceutical industry through corporate tax breaks. If the economy were good they wouldn’t want to ‘upset the apple cart’, in its current state I suspect they would allow clinical trials on babies in maternity wards if it were requested.

    This information from a 2009 report from IBEC should explain why:

    Eight of the top ten global pharmaceutical companies have major operations in Ireland, with twelve out of twenty five pharmaceutical blockbusters produced in the country.

    Ireland’s pharmaceutical industry currently generates over 50% of the country’s exports (to the value of €47.2 billion), which contributes to making Ireland one of the largest net exporter of medicines globally.

    The replacement value of the sector is estimated to be in the region of €40 billion.

    There has been over €350 million investment on capital projects over the past 12-18 months in Ireland, these projects range from plant upgrades to new greenfield facilities.

    Employment in the sector has grown from 5,200 in 1988 to 24,000 in 2009 and over 50% of the employees are third-level graduates. An additional 24,500 people are employed providing services to the sector.



      1. Correction. A 55 billion dollar CAD (40 billion euros) industry. With Big Pharma accounting for over half of Ireland’s exports you can see why Ireland is enslaved to their demands. Thank goodness Canada has oil and gold and other natural resources.


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