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John Le Carré.

I have just finished reading John Le Carré’s book “The constant gardener” which was reportedly based on Pfizer’s drug trial experiment in Nigeria which resulted in multiple deaths of innocent children…Link

I watched the dvd last week which was ironically in Shane’s collection, complete with receipt from extra vision 2006!

It was the book that inspired Danish journalist “Anne Lea Landsted” to investigate lundbeck and Deanxit and it’s approval in Sri Lanka, another one of their controversial and dangerous drugs but despite findings of corruption, deceit and fraud, this drug which can have potentially fatal side-effects is still on the sri Lankan market…Link

Anyway I would just like to share a paragraph from the author’s note at the back of this book, The constant gardener…

“There is no Dypraxa, never was, never will be. I know of no wonder-cure for TB that has recently been launched on the African market or any other – or is about to be – so with luck I shall not be spending the rest of my life in the law courts or worse, though nowadays you can never be sure. But I can tell you this. As my journey through the pharmaceutical jungle progressed, I came to realise that, by comparison with the reality, my story was as tame as a holiday postcard.”

He also mentioned Buko Pharma-Kampagne who struggle to expose misdeeds of the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in dealings with the third world. Link

3 thoughts on “John Le Carré.”

  1. When I read The Constant Gardener I realized that the drug industry is more complex than just a conspiracy by a single drug company to promote a dangerous drug. It is complicated by the fact that drug companies are in competition with each other which compounds the problem because there is a rush to market to beat their competitors to market-share.
    I like John Le Carre because he does not bend over and take it from the pharmaceutical companies like the craven psychiatrists that defend them.


  2. Hi Julian,
    You are so right, and what’s a little bit of Collateral damage along the way?
    These trials are being done by some very questionable institutions, the negative results are hidden and the results that show “slightly better than placebo” and which are all drug companies have to show are used to get these dangerous drugs approved by regulators that are too afraid to make decisions against the power of the mighty pharma!
    If that sounds cynical, that’s because I am…it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to uncover corruption at every level within the rotten pharmaceutical industry!
    I enjoyed this book and was beginning to think I was getting a bit paranoid due to my reading material in the last while, until I read his note at the back.


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