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Sheryl Tilbrook and her experience with cipramil.

10 years ago today another young woman Sheryl Tilbrook died from the side-effects of lundbeck’s Cipramil. I have had the privilege of speaking to her parents, the lovely stuart and Claudette Jones from Wales, who allowed me to pick their brains for the information that they had gathered over the last 10 years.

Sheryl’s parents spoke to the MHRA about the dangers of these drugs to no avail, and even went as far as trying to get the CPS to pursue a charge of corporate manslaughter but they were told they couldn’t because Lundbeck were not a british company. I don’t think they will ever stop their fight for justice for their daughter and what they and I believe is lundbeck’s killing of innocent people by their failure to warn and actual denials, of the possible side-effects of citalopram/ celexa/ cipramil.

What a beautiful young woman and what a terrible waste!!!

Claudette put up a message on Facebook today and generously allowed me to publish it, for which I am extremely grateful….



Our beautiful daughter Sheryl 

by Claudette Jones  on Tuesday, 24 May 2011 at 12:15

 4.58am 16/11/1972 to 4.58pm 24/05/2001.

“Today is the 10th anniversary or the murder of our daughter by Lundbeck Pharmaceutical Co & their SSRI Cipramil. I have used the word murder because this is what I believe.

On the 18th May 2001 Sher went to her GP for a ‘pick-me-up’, she came out with a prescription for Cipramil, on the 21st May 2001 I was physically fighting for her life with CPR & Heart Massage, we got her back but her brain had been starved of oxygen, on the 24th May 2001 myself & one of her brothers turned the life support machine off.

On that day not only did we lose a much loved daughter, four generations of our family were forever devasted. How can I call the drug companys murderers? well that’s an easy answer, they had known for years that all SSRI’s carry these horrible side effects but continue through greed to push their so called ‘Happy Pills’ and in the meantime other families continue to lose their loved ones! We love you babe, miss you always, forget you never x”

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