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8 years ago today another young girl Sharise, 18 years old, very beautiful and very, very talented succumbed to the side effects of another ssri (a supposedly anti-depressant) seroxat.

I’m not a writer so this is hard to explain…Did you ever meet a couple that enveloped you with warmth, that made you feel like you were stepping in from the freezing snow to a blazing warm fire? When myself and Tony met Sherise’s mom and Dad Stephnie and Alfred, that’s exactly what it felt like! Just by being in their presence you know you could trust them with your life,very strange feeling and I really didn’t want to leave them, EVER!

Sharise died on the 25th May 2003, she was 18 years old and she had been on GlaxoSmithKline’s poisonous seroxat for 17 days. Two weeks after her death, and two weeks too late for Sharise, gsk admitted their drug can cause some people to become suicidal!

She was a very talented artist, as is her mom, and her self-portraits and poetry are startling, dramatic and brilliant…sorry guys, that’s an opinion coming from a philistine!

Sharise’s brother set up a website where you can see her amazing artwork and photos like this one here. I chose this picture of Sharise with her dad (not quite sure if that’s your real hair Alfred!) because it’s obvious from speaking to him that they had the father/daughter thing going on, they idolised each other, she was daddy’s little girl and she had him wrapped around her little finger!

Stephnie has done and is still doing tireless work trying to warn people and made a speech at Labour’s Annual Conference in Brighton about the dangers of this drug, trying to get somebody/anybody to do something about these drugs and stop this from happening to other families, but alas, it goes on, and on and on! You can read her speech and have a look at Sharise’s paintings and poetry on her website here…Link            

Coroner calls for inquiry into Seroxat…Link

This is a sample of the amazing talent she had, a small inkling of what could have been and the weirdest feeling that this world has lost out…

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