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Deanxit, the New Delhi government and lundbeck fraud.

Seriously though, how is this company still operating? Are all drug companies as corrupt as lundbeck? Would you take their medication without question?

I have written before about Danish journalist “Anne Lea Landsted” and her investigation into lundbeck and their “anti-anxiety” drug Deanxit and it’s approval in Sri Lanka. Deanxit is another one of lundbeck’s controversial and dangerous drugs but despite the fact that the same drug is banned in Denmark (its country of origin) and findings of corruption, deceit and fraud with the approval process, this drug which can have potentially fatal side-effects is still on the sri Lankan and Indian market.

Lundbeck lied to get approval for this drug when they stated that Deanxit was registered in Denmark, when in fact it is banned in Denmark, and continued their lying by stating that at a meeting, 7 leading psychiatrists recommended that the drug should be registered for sale in Sri Lanka, when in fact Anne Lea Landsted was able to prove that 3 of the psychiatrists had never even been at the meeting! Her letter can be found here…Link  Lundbeck later apologised and offered to withdraw the 40 old drug from the Sri Lankan market, but surprisingly, it’s still there!

Now it seems the New Delhi government is finally looking for safety tests on deanxit…Link  and a ban on it may be in the pipeline…Link

The side-effects of taking the drug can include moobs (AKA man boobs), swelling of testicles and heart attack, and then if that doesn’t make you depressed, the side effects of deanxit withdrawal can include aggression, hostility and worsening of depression…Link

It was reported that the drug was being aggressively promoted for a wide range of known and unknown disorders such as psychogenic depression, depressive neuroses, masked depression, menopausal depression, dysphoria in alcoholics and drug addicts etc without mandatory clearance from the DCGI (Drug Controller General of India)…Link

Surely you would have to wonder why this drug deanxit, which is banned in so many countries, can be freely marketed in India?

3 thoughts on “Deanxit, the New Delhi government and lundbeck fraud.”

  1. For me deanxit was a life saver , I suffered from so many unexplained symptoms and attacks .. No doctor could explain it .. Finally I was diagnosed with general anxiety and irritable bowel … I tried everything , I would feel better a little then collapse again till I started deanxit .. I am a pharmacist and sure worried about long term effects, especially as I couldn’t find much information but I believe that this drug deserves a chance as it can help so many people who’s lives Are shattered due to unexplained symptoms . I recommend serious studies to reevaluate it’s use . I have been taking it for more than 6 months now first 3 months twice daily then once but I admit I am struggling to stop it a little .


    1. Thanks for the comment Reem,
      So glad this medication has worked for you, that means that it’s not completely useless. It’s the informed consent issue that I have a problem with.
      As a pharmacist, I’m sure you warn people of the terrible side-effects such as, but not limited to: moobs (AKA man boobs), swelling of testicles, heart attack, aggression, hostility and worsening of depression? I suppose it depends whether the benefits outweigh the risks. Either way, be careful, particularly with withdrawal.


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