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Ulf Wiinberg,Teddy Hebo Larsen, and 3 antidepressants.(effexor, cipramil and Prozac)

It seems unbelievable to me that there is still plenty of controversy surrounding antidepressants and whether they can cause some people to commit suicide and homicide, despite the (admittedly encrypted) information listed on the patient information leaflets (PIL) and experts like Professor David Healy proving the same.

Ulf Winberg is the ceo of lundbeck who as I’ve already said, sent a statement to RTE news on the day of my son’s inquest, stating that cipramil/celexa could not cause someone to commit suicide or homicide.

Now here’s an interesting fact about Ulf, before becoming the ceo/president of lundbeck he worked for Wyeth for 27 years, so one can assume he was familiar with Wyeth’s own antidepressant Effexor and the class action (Link), suicides, murder suicides and birth defect cases relating to this drug.

An interesting fact with Effexor is that homicide ideation is a listed side-effect on the patient information leaflet and shown on the picture above…Link and even more telling is the fact that the word “suicidal” appears in the same PIL 42 times. Hows that for a supposedly happy pill?

Effexor is prescribed here in Ireland but known as Efaxil XL and not surprisingly there is no mention of homicidal ideation in the Irish PIL.

One of the cases in the class action is reported on an English website, ssri uk support (Link) and involves Raymond Noll, 58, a man with no history of violence and 2 days on Effexor…

Raymond Noll, 58, (Effexor) a man with no history of violence, complained to his doctor of “difficulty sleeping, anxiety and worsening depression” on July 1st 2003 and was prescribed Effexor. The following evening his wife, Cynthia, called their son Tony to ask him if he would visit as “Dad was getting bad” but wanted first to see how he was by morning and said that she would phone Tony again. Then,  at 7.45 on 3rd July, a 911 operator received a call from Raymond saying, “I have just killed my wife and by the time you get here I will kill myself.” Raymond had shot his wife and himself and both bodies were found on the bed, the bottle of Effexor was found with the two previous days’ pills missing. The call Tony received that morning was not from his mother but from the Police who told him that both his parents were dead.


What do you think Ulf? Does it remind you of or seem very similar to the on-going cipramil/celexa case in America where Robert Raines (78) shot himself and his wife Elsie (71) after 5 days on celexa? Link

Update 14/07/2011

Two weeks ago Lundbeck’s Teddy Hebo Larsen was appointed as Senior Vice President of HR, second in command to Mr.Wiinberg. He had been with Lundbeck for the last two years, having previously been employed with Eli-Lilly for 23 years. 

Now I’m sure they must have conversed somewhat in the last two years about the side effects of these drugs and I wonder if Teddy mentioned the fact that Eli-Lilly knew Prozac had a reported 1200% higher suicide rate than other antidepressants? Did he mention Tracy Johnson? Tracy was a 19 year old student who was taking part in a trial for Eli-Lilly’s Cymbalta (Prozac’s chemical cousin) when she hung herself in the bathroom of an Eli-Lilly lab. This girl was not depressed, killed herself and the drug was approved anyway!

Did Teddy ever come across John Virapen? Dr. John Virapen Ph.D. is a Former Eli Lilly executive who admits to bribing a Swedish professor to enhance the registration of Prozac in Sweden. He also admits that there have been years of withheld information regarding the adverse side effects of pharmaceuticals promoted by Eli Lilly, including the role Prozac played in inducing suicide and homicide. The signs of drug induced violence and suicidality were there since Prozac was first tested in pre-marketing trials. John states that more than 75 percent of leading scientists in the field of medicine are paid for by the pharmaceutical industry.

John also worked for Lundbeck and has told me personally about the dodgy dealings he got up to while working for them, but hey that’s a story for another day!

Prozac and the William Forsyth murder/suicide.

Effexor and the raymond and cynthia noll murder/suicide.

Cipramil and the Richardson family murder/suicide.

Eli-Lilly and “The connection between violence, suicide, homicide, and antidepressants”. Link.


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