Vigabatrin/Sabril (which can be used in infants), can cause blindness, suicide ideation and aggression.

Targeting infants now? Leave them alone!!!
Last week I came across a blog for pharmaceutical reps and employees, it was called Cafepharma and it allows people employed in the Pharmaceutical industry to post messages on a Message Board. Link. I thought this was an interesting answer to a query posted by a prospective employee of lundbeck…

What’s it like to work for Lundbeck?
Please give me the good, bad, and the ugly. And pleeeeease…no snide remarks like CP posters often give. I’ve been approached to apply for a position (a product that is for intermittent seizures in infants). Anyone have any insight about the company and/or the product’s popularity/pros and cons of promoting it?
Thanks in advance to any serious posters.
Vigabatrin in the product. Serious side effects like making kids go blind. You better go speak with some child neuro`s in your area to get the real info. It is an end of the line product with very limited usage due to severe side effect risks. Be very careful with this company. If you`re asking for anonymous advice, I`d stay clear of it unless you just have been unemployed for a very long time and need a pay check.


The message board didn’t paint a pretty picture of lundbeck and subsequently I googled lundbeck’s product Vigabatrin, and sure enough it can cause irreversable blindness! It is an anti-epileptic drug that can be prescribed for intermittent seizures in infants. As far as I’m aware, you cant die from epilepsy so why would anyone prescribe this for an infant, when it’s possible that they can end up being blind as well as epileptic? Then if the child is old enough he/she might commit suicide or an act of agression, totally as a side-effect of the drug and the people that are left behind will never be informed of this! Surely there is a better alternative?
This is what it says on lundbeck’s own website… “Sabril causes permanent vision loss in infants, children and adults.  The onset is unpredictable and can occur within weeks of starting treatment, or sooner, or at anytime during treatment even after months or years.  Because of this risk of permanent vision loss, Sabril approval is accompanied by an FDA-mandated Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) and is available only through a special restricted distribution program called SHARE (Support Help and Resources for Epilepsy)”. Link

This drug Vigabatrin is marketed as Sabril® in America by Lundbeck Link and in Europe by Sanofi-Aventis. Link

Suicidal ideation and behaviour have also been reported in patients treated with anti-epileptic agents including this drug, along with congenital defects  increasing 2 to 3 fold in children born from mothers treated with an antiepileptic; the most frequently reported are cleft lip, cardiovascular defects and neural tube defects.

Listed side effects are…

Common: agitation, aggression, nervousness, depression, paranoid reaction.

Uncommon: hypomania, mania, psychotic disorder

Rare: suicide attempt

Psychiatric reactions have been reported during vigabatrin therapy. These reactions occurred in patients with and without a psychiatric history and were usually reversible when vigabatrin doses were reduced or gradually discontinued.

8 thoughts on “Vigabatrin/Sabril (which can be used in infants), can cause blindness, suicide ideation and aggression.”

  1. Unfortunately it’s not just Lundbeck and Glaxo that have no conscience when it comes to marketing dangerous drugs. Wyeth, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Astra-Zeneca and just about every large pharmaceutical company have been taken to court and paid large fines for everything from fraud to overcharging. How else can these publicly traded companies afford to pay the large million dollar bonuses to the executives to maintain their lavish lifestyle?


  2. Hi Truthman and Julian,
    How much money are pharmaceutical companies making from their defective drugs when they can afford to pay these bonuses and billion dollar fines?
    Have you seen this one…Pfizer fined billions and yet still going strong…Link
    Lundbeck it’s seems are just as corrupt as GSK and the usual repeat offenders. I haven’t come across any ethical drug companies yet…have either of you?
    The information that we are getting is only the tip of the iceberg and what most people could find on the internet or through freedom of information and data access requests…Can you imagine what they are hiding/shredding?


  3. I don’t think there is such a thing as an ethical pharmaceutical company (or corporation of any kind). Competition is the basis of the capitalist system and these large multi-national corporations are competing with each other for profits above all else and the public’s safety is their last concern.


  4. Public safety might be their last concern, but of all corporations, pharmaceutical companies should be held as a beacon of ethics.. For fucks sake, these are peoples lives at stake here.. It’s not like they make hair dryers or washing detergent.. These drug ‘products’ should go through rigorous testing and the pharma industry should be under consistent scrutiny by an outside (independent) body to make sure they are upholding the highest standards of ethics..
    It’s all very well to use the capitalist argument and that’s what they hide behind.. White collar crime should not go unpunished..


  5. Hello,
    I am responding to your comment “as far as I’m aware, you can’t die from epilepsy so why would anyone prescribe this for an infant, when it’s possible that they can end up being blind as well as epileptic?”

    Pediatric epilepsy is catastrophic to the developing brain of a child. It does kill and Infantile Spasms(IS) (which Vigabatrin is prescribed for) can leave a child cortically blind, severely disabled and even cause their death. ATCH and Vigabatrin are the only approved practice parameters by the American Academy of Neurology and the Child Neurology Society for the treatment of IS. Yes, peripheral vision damage is terrible but not as devastating as losing your child or having them live in a vegetative state.

    After failing eight anti seizures medications my daughter failed Vigabatrin. Thankfully we got to a level 4 epilepsy center and brain surgery saved her life from the seizures. Other families are not as lucky to find a focal point. They depend on ACTH and Vigabatrin as their go to treatments. I help families every day navigate the health care system to get to the best care possible for their seizing children. I actually found this article while researching for a baby in India who has IS. Vigabatrin is banned there and they are desperate to get access.

    Thank you for your time and ear! Our vision is global pediatric epilepsy awareness where every family with a seizing child knows to get to specialty care fast enough to preserve their developing brain. You can learn more at http://www.mickiesmiracles.org



  6. My God another USELESS medication to treat seizures. PATHETIC!!! when does this MADNESS end? There is something very very wrong going on here when it’s 2019 and we still have the same useless drugs repackaged to say something hopeful, but yet this new drug can cause severe side effects and has no real hope for anyone with refractory seizures. And all these research studies, always saying, “more research is needed.” Are you friggin nuts? MORE research? You’ve had decades to research more effective medications for refractory seizures and all we get is this GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!! FIRE these researchers. They have failed. TIme and time again, feeding us BS..a total con job!

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