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A pharma employee, corrupt Novartis and citalopram again.

I came across this article yesterday and I was originally interested because this man had been prescribed citalopram the week before he died, had an adverse reaction after the first tablet but was still able to kill himself in such a horrific manner a few days later (he stabbed himself multiple times)…No surprises there then. Citalopram had the same effect on Shane and numerous other unsuspecting victims!

Then I re-read this article a few times and it’s actually very interesting and would make you wonder about this man and the work he was doing! His name was Martin Scragg, he was 37 and he was a pharmaceutical engineer for Novartis Vaccines in the U.K (the worlds third largest drug manufacturer).

The article states that Mr. Scragg (a meticulous and very professional engineer) was worried about something to do with health and safety at work, and that he felt he was being set up. His father Phil Scragg described his son as a superb engineer and a perfectionist. His son Martin had said in the weeks leading up to his death,that he had made mistakes at work and that millions of people around the world were dying because of mistakes he’d made, and he thought the police were going to arrest him. What vaccine was he actually working on? Did the police investigate what he was saying? Why did nobody listen to this man?

Novartis is a huge pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland, and is a major player in the vaccines industry. 800 million doses of vaccine are produced annually by Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics and are shipped to 85 countries worldwide, it is a leading supplier of flu vaccines and has meningococcal, paediatric and travel vaccine franchises. The UK company’s portfolio of products includes vaccines for influenza, meningococcus A, C, W and Y, rabies, Japanese encephalitis, typhoid and diptheria.

Novartis has also proved itself to be an another extremely corrupt pharmaceutical company (besides lundbeck, that is) with fines for bribery, off-label marketing, corruption, kickbacks to doctors, discriminating against women, and fraud being part of their dubious recent history.

Why was this man, with no history of depression, dismissed as having mental health problems and why was there not an investigation launched into Novartis and what this man was saying and what he was working on? Was there some form of cover up? Could it be possible that Mr.Scragg was right and this was a set-up?

Full article, Link.

Mr.Scragg v corrupt Norvartis, I know who I’d believe!

2 thoughts on “A pharma employee, corrupt Novartis and citalopram again.”

  1. Thanks Claudette,
    One tablet of citalopram and unfortunately you and I both know exactly how this drug can effect people!
    Myself and Tony just figured out what lundbeck stands for, very mature I know.
    Lundbeck, Lousy Useless Notorious Drugs But Except Citalopram Kills.
    Love to you both,


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