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Andrew Berry 47, and I day on citalopram.

An article in “This is Gloucestershire” reports about an Inquest in January 2009, involving a 47 year old man, a father of two Mr Andrew Berry, who had been worried about changes in his work in the weeks leading up to his death.  

A week before he died he had been prescribed sleeping pills by his GP, and the day before he died he had been put on the  anti-depressant Citalopram by a locum doctor at the surgery.

He took an overdose the next day of the same sleeping pills and anti-depressants, and was transferred to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. Despite a consultant physician Dr Pippa Metcalfe, saying she spoke to Mr Berry and that medically she felt he was fit for discharge, later that night Andrew Berry smashed a window in the same hospital, by throwing a TV at it and then jumped out. He died from multiple injuries despite the efforts of doctors and paramedics at the scene.

One day on citalopram and the man commits suicide? Professor David Healy said if you are having an adverse reaction then 1 tablet can be enough to do this to you!

One day on citalopram and he went from worrying about work to overdosing and jumping out a window to his death?? Despite numerous requests for an investigation into this drug, and 4 years after Mr.Berry killed himself, people (including my son) are still dying from citalopram and the Irish Medicines Board are still sticking their heads in the sand and letting innocent people die from this and other ssri’s.

I wonder how quick they would be to take citalopram, Prozac, seroxat, ect…

Full article, Link.

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