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No opinion on Nalmefene, Just the facts, maam!

I received an e-mail this week regarding my last post from a friend of a friend, who was giving me some (much needed) advice about what I can and can’t say.

This was part of their advice to me: Are you familiar with ‘Just the facts, maam?’ It’s a line used repeatedly by Sgt. Joe Friday, a detective in the Dragnet tv show, where a witness would start hysterically or angrily saying stuff or generalizing or doing anything other than just objectively reporting the facts with no spin, and he’d say in this deadpan, emotionless manner, “just the facts, maam, just the facts.”

O.K. So just the facts maam, and no opinion from me, caustic or otherwise!

Fact 1. It is reported on the Rutland centre website (A well known Irish addiction centre who do fantastic work here) that alcohol is the number one drug of addiction, and also “In Ireland it is estimated that one in ten people are alcoholic, and that alcoholism in one person, directly affects the lives of at least 4-5 others”.

Fact 2. Professor Casey speaking at the launch of Dr. Conor Farren’s new book, Overcoming Alcohol Misuse…

Fact 3. Dr Farren has lent his support to the “Lean on me” campaign, which is sponsored by an unrestricted educational grant from Lundbeck. He stated that there was a link between suicide and alcohol consumption. Link

Fact 4.  By an amazing coincidence, Makers of citalopram, the pharmaceutical company Lundbeck, is one step closer to releasing a pill that it claims is an effective treatment for alcoholism, after the drug passed phase III clinical trials with flying colours. While Lundbeck does not claim the ‘Nalmefene’ pill will completely eliminate the need to drink alcohol, the 12-month trials did result in a reduced consumption of more than 50 percent. Link

Fact 6. Wikipedia;  listed side effects of Nalmefene, some of which can lead to Stroke, Heart attack, Heart failure and aneurysm…

  • Common: drowsiness, hypertension, tachycardia, dizziness, nausea, vomiting
  • Occasional: fever, hypotension, vasodilatation, chills, headache
  • Rare: agitation, arrhythmia, bradycardia, confusion, hallucinations, myoclonus, itching

Fact 7. Lundbeck’s activities have been investigated by the European commission. They have been accused of hidden advertising, accused of scientific fraud, they blatently lied to the Irish media about suicide/violence associated with citalopram and there are concerns about a possible risk of sudden death with their drugs. Then there is also the fact that Lundbeck were found guilty of falsely advertising lexapro/cipralex which was found to be identical to cipramil.

Sorry but no opinion from me, just the facts maam!


Update: 01/07/2011

Ah sorry, I can’t help myself…can you smell the bull?  Alcoholics may stop at one drink with Lundbeck anti-abuse drug.  Meh! Employees at the Rutland Centre and the AA, don’t worry too much, I think your jobs are safe!

1 thought on “No opinion on Nalmefene, Just the facts, maam!”

  1. A drug with numerous side-effects to quit smoking. A drug with side-effects to reduce alcohol consumption. Has anybody heard of using your own will-power just because it benefits your health to cut out these bad habits?!
    But, that doesn’t cost anything and doctors and drug companies wouldn’t make any money.


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