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Update on “Lundbeck drug trials in Ireland”, Sertindole and Desmoteplase.

As far back as this advert shows in 1983 (left) to this one recruiting at the moment (Link) lundbeck has been doing drug trials on Irish people. The one they’re recruiting for at the moment is for stroke victims and is an experimental trial using desmoteplase which can also be found in the saliva of the vampire bat Desmodus rotundus.

But the results are not always as you would hope them to be…

Don’t forget lundbeck’s sertindole and the trial where 27 patients died unexpectedly, including 13 sudden deaths.

The 22 year old youth who died in the cipramil trial in India, was he paid enough money for his life?

Then there’s their latest “Clopixol healthcare professional” letter from lundbeck Canada warning that in trials done on elderly dementia patients treated with atypical antipsychotics, there was a 1.6 fold increase of death…Link

INFORMED CONSENT…means exactly that! People need to be informed, especially when you’re handing over your mother, father or anyone else to these drug companies to experiment on them. That’s exactly what a drug trial is…an experiment, and I certainly wouldn’t trust lundbeck with my cat!

Another thing that has to be considered here in the advert on the left, is the clinical trials in the GP and hospital settings. Pardon my ignorance, but does that means Irish doctors were being paid by lundbeck for trials on their patients, hospitals too??? I though that was not allowed as it’s a major conflict of interest? I can and have proved some Irish psychiatrists are in the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies but how far does this go? Are there any results from these trials and can the public get access to them? Has anybody died from these trials in Ireland? How low did lundbeck go, as low as GSK doing trials on children in Irish orphanages?

I’ll tell you what, I’ll send off a “freedom of information request” and publish the reply! Don’t anyone hold their breath!

 UPDATE 01/07/2011

According to the “Freedom of information” reply from the IMB, Lundbeck conducted three clinical medical trials in Ireland, but as far as I can see, only provided me with two, Sertindole and Desmoteplase.

The first one is the anti-psychotic sertindole.There were 3 locations in Ireland for the Sertindole trial, St.Lukes psychiatric hospital Clonmel co.tipperary, Regional hospital Wilton, Co.Cork and Naas general hospital Co.Kildare.

Despite the fact that in other trials with Sertindole 27 patients died unexpectedly, including 13 sudden deaths, the IMB have not received one adverse reaction report…not even a headache! That’s really impressive considering patients have been known to have side effects with a placebo!

The next one is Desmoteplase and another three locations, Midlands Regional Hospital, Mullingar, The Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Dublin 7 and St. James Hospital, Dublin 8. In 2007 this drug had already failed at the final stages of phase 3 Link but according to Ex-Lundbeck and Eli-lilly rep John Virapen, what do Lundbeck and other pharmaceutical companies do? They keep doing trials until they get the positive answer that they need.

So that’s exactly what they did do and received approval from the IMB to experiment in Ireland in 2009, and what subsequently happened?…They did recieve a fatal adverse reaction report, a 66 year old woman! I wonder was her family informed that this drug had already failed and was associated with increased deaths which was blamed, by Dr Werner Hacke, on “a strain of  bad luck” . 

There are currently 3 completed trials and 3 still recruiting for Desmoteplase but I’m sure they’ll get some positive results eventually!

1 thought on “Update on “Lundbeck drug trials in Ireland”, Sertindole and Desmoteplase.”

  1. You are pulling up some great stuff Leonie. Keep digging into the cesspit, there will be loads more. Oh, and congratulations on ruffling the feathers of the Irish psych – her name escapes me as she is of no importance to me. Keep up the great work.



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