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Harvard for sale? The Irony of it all!

What’s the definition of Irony…

Harvard university is gifted $12.3 million to study institutional corruption, subsequently three Harvard doctors have admitted to “failure to disclose” millions in drug company payments!

Thanks to a $12.3 million gift from Lily Safra, Harvard has created a cross-disciplinary research laboratory to study ethics, with institutional corruption being the project’s initial focus.

At Harvard Business School, a leadership and corporate accountability course is required of all first-year students. I suppose, in their wisdom, it didn’t occur to Harvard executives to send their top doctors and professors on this course, PITY, it would have saved Harvard a whole lot of grief and may have protected their reputation somewhat!

$12.3 million gift for Harvard to study Institutional Corruption. Link

This story has been widely publicised at the moment and it concerns 3 doctors at Harvard university (Drs. Joseph Biederman, Thomas Spencer and Timothy Wilens) and their failure to disclose payment from drug companies. This story is particularly poignant, because child psychiatrist Dr. Biederman has helped fuel an explosion in the use of powerful antipsychotic medicines in children. Link

A retired psychiatrist tells the story much more scientifically than I ever could…1 boring old man.
He states, the three doctors came under the political microscope in June 2008 during remarks Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, made to a committee investigating conflicts of interest involving clinicians. The three Harvard doctors “are some of the top psychiatrists in the country, and their research is some of the most important in the field,” Grassley said, according to an online version of the Congressional record. “They have also taken millions of dollars from the drug companies.” The senator complained that Biederman and Wilens took money from drug giant Eli Lilly at the same time they were being paid by the National Institutes of Health to study an Eli Lilly drug. Grassley went on to say he had requested conflict-of-interest forms from the hospitals, and they “were a mess”…
Then after they have been found guilty following an investigation, they get a slap on the wrist. Makes you wonder, does it not, why after they have destroyed Harvard’s unblemished reputation, were they not sacked? What is Harvard afraid of? And just how involved are universities here with pharmaceutical funding? I know they get plenty of drug company funding, unrestricted grants and awards, but maybe that’s another story!

Massachusetts General Hospital disclosed sanctions against the three psychiatrists for violating hospital ethics guidelines by failing to adequately report, internally, seven-figure payments they received from drug companies…

Drs. Joseph Biederman, Thomas Spencer and Timothy Wilens disclosed the disciplinary actions against them in a note to colleagues. According to a copy of the note made public upon request by the hospital, the three doctors: Must refrain from “all industry-sponsored outside activities” for one year, For two years after the ban ends must obtain permission from Mass. General and Harvard Medical School before engaging in any industry-sponsored, paid outside activities and then must report back afterward, Must undergo certain training, and Face delays before being considered for “promotion or advancement.” IS THAT IT?   

According to a 2008 report by Mike Adams, Natural news,  Dr. Biederman isn’t merely on the take from drug companies, he’s also actively engaged in using children as young as four years old for medical experiments. His 2008 recruitment efforts attempt to round up four- to six-year olds and dose them with Astrazeneca’s Seroquel drug to see what might happen to their brains.

Researchers Fail to Reveal Full Drug Pay; The New York Times.

Interestingly Harvard has had it’s fair share of suicide cases and one particular case involves a wrongful death lawsuit against the university and two medical professionals at the school’s health services, and the accusation that a nurse practitioner prescribed a 19 year old student, a mixture of medicines, some of which were known to increase the risk of suicide.



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