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NO! NO! NO! Lundbeck’s suicide drug trial on kids!

How could you,Lundbeck? Will you really stoop so low? What price is a childs life worth to you?

Lundbeck are currently recruiting for a trial for Escitalopram, brand names Cipralex/Lexapro on kids 13 to 18 years …Link.

I can tell you, my son is dead from cipramil. I can tell you he killed another young man from the effects of 17 days on cipramil. I can tell you I have cried bucket loads of tears in the last two years but I can also tell you that I cried my eyes out today when I came across this recruitment for a lundbeck drug trial on children.

How many kids will die in this trial? How many deaths will lundbeck blame on the pre-existing condition? How many parents will be left in the same situation because lundbeck want to make billions getting this drug licenced for under 18’s? This drug has already been shown to be inneffective in children! It has also been shown to cause suicide!

This trial has been sponsored by the “University of Ottawa” Ontario, Canada. University of Ottowa, you are a disgrace! How much are you being paid to experiment on children with a drug which is known to cause suicide in children?

Is this university not aware of the “Renowned Psychiatry Professor” Dr. Anne-Liis von Knorring, who helped lundbeck and Forest Labs Cover up Bad Results of citalopram in Children? It was a case about bribery, illegal marketing and cover-up of a drug trial with negative results. She not only helped the company to cover up the bad results of her clinical trial of Celexa, she also actively misled doctors and the public about it and hid the fact that this drug could cause children to become suicidal… Reported by Janne Larrson.

Anne-Liis von Knorring was involved in falsifying and distorting statistics and data in a study on Cipramil. The study showed that the pill was ineffective and very harmful and even deadly to children, but von Knorring’s greed couldn’t have that. The pharmaceutical company Lundbeck payed von Knorring to falsify the statistics of the Cipramil study, and Forest Labs paid psychiatrists in the United States to promote Cipramil for children, and based its multi-billion dollar sales on the corrupted study that instead falsely showed that Cipramil was safe and effective for children. Link.

Forest labs is a partner to the European company Lundbeck and markets its antidepressants Celexa (Cipramil in Europe) and escitalopram (Lexapro) in the United States (basically two versions of the same drug). Top Forest executives were aware of the results but didn’t reveal the negative result for several years, long after they had made a fortune peddling celexa off-label.

Forest labs were accused of fraud, for illegally marketing lexapro and celexa. They were eventually fined 313 million.

Lundbeck were found, by the drug industry’s watchdog, to have breached the UK industry code of practice, due to the way it advertised escitalopram, because citalopram and escitalopram were basically the same product!

Even the Irish Medicines Board have a warning with these drugs for under 18’s.

The picture above, by the way, is taken from page 24 of a Review of Suicide in Cumbria…Link.

Conflicting interests anyone?

Principal Investigator in this trial is Martine Flament, MD, who along with Dr.Blier, both from the University of Ottawa, wrote “Specificities of treatment in pediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder” and concluded that, regarding the use of ssri’s in children and adolescents with OCD, there is no evidence for an increase in suicide or related behaviors.

 The Cape Town Consensus Group is a group of 14 leading experts with specific experience and long-term interested in OCD, and was funded by an unrestricted educational grant from Lundbeck. Among the 14 members are Martine F. Flament, MD, and Pierre Blier, MD, PhD, Canada.

Do antidepressants really work? Dr.Blier says yes. Link.
Competing interests: Dr. Blier serves as president of Medical Multimedia Inc. and is a contract employee of Steelbeach Productions, Forest Laboratories and Janssen Pharmaceuticals. He has received grant funding from Eli Lilly, Forest Laboratories, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Lundbeck, Mitsubishi Pharma, Organon Pharmaceuticals, Wyeth-Ayerst and AstraZeneca. He acts as a consultant to Biovail, Eli Lilly, Forest Laboratories, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Lundbeck, Organon Pharmaceuticals, Wyeth-Ayerst, Sanofi-Aventis, Pfizer, Sepracor and Lundbeck, and serves on the speaker’s bureaus of Cyberonics, Eli Lilly, Forest Laboratories, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Lundbeck, Organon Pharmaceuticals and Wyeth-Ayerst.
The University of Ottowa surely get a awful lot of pharmaceutical company funding…Link.

4 thoughts on “NO! NO! NO! Lundbeck’s suicide drug trial on kids!”

  1. I went to the University of Ottawa and I am disgusted that they are associated with this trial. I guess they are competing with the other university in Ottawa, Carleton, where 18 year old Nadia Kajouji committed suicide 3 weeks after being prescribed Citalopram by a university doctor.
    Paxil was approved for generalized anxiety disorder and thousands of deaths by suicide and homicide have since been associated with it. It appears that doctors Flament and Blier are in denial about the dangerous side-effects of antidepressants — just like some of the psychiatrists in Ireland. (It doesn’t pay to bite the hand that feeds you.)
    It makes me want to cry too that they are targeting their poisons at the most vulnerable people in our communities. I hope the parents do a google search on this trial before they allow their children to participate. The trial sponsors might have to go after children in foster care who have fewer rights.


  2. They like to get people hooked as young as possible. They diagnose kids with ‘mental illnesses’ and then they have life long customers. Eventually, after drugging them for years on end, the individual never learns how to cope, the side effects manifests more disorders and damage, thus they become victim of psychiatry for life…


  3. In the abstract “Specificities of treatment in pediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder” the authors say

    Pharmacotherapy relies on serotonergic medication, and all have been demonstrated to be significantly superior to placebo, as reported in a recently published meta-analysis.

    That is false. This article in Newsweek The Depressing News About Antidepressants looks at the recent studies and concludes that the popular drugs are no more effective than a placebo. In fact, they may be worse.
    But how can you expect these doctors to be impartial when there is such a blatant conflict of interest?!


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