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Gordon Briggs,58, another Citalopram statistic.

School death blamed on medication…

The sister of a caretaker who hanged himself in a school gym told his inquest she blamed anti-depressants for contributing to his suicide.

Gordon Briggs, 58, was found hanging by a climbing rope at Townsend School in Bournemouth, Dorset, on 29 March 2008. The inquest heard that Mr. Briggs had been worried about the threat of closure of the school and the fact he would lose the house that went with his job, the inquest heard.

But his sister said his mood changed after his medication was altered and said “Within the space of three weeks my brother took three overdoses and then he hanged himself.”

Linda Aldham told the inquest on Wednesday her brother became restless and heard voices in his head telling him to commit suicide, shortly after he started taking the anti-depressant citalopram.

Ms Aldham started researching the drug on the internet and found side effects which matched her brother’s, but Mr Briggs’ GP Nigel Irwin said he had taken the drug once before and that it was recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE).

He prescribed 10mg, half the normal dose, before increasing it to 20mg following Mr Briggs’ second overdose.

The inquest heard despite research, there was no evidence linking citalopram with suicide. WHAT PLANET WAS THE INQUEST ON THEN? Despite all the evidence on this blog, all the warnings from the EMA and the FDA, is Gordon Briggs and the fact that he killed himself on citalopram, not evidence enough?

Even if Mr. Briggs was the first person to kill himself on citalopram (ridiculous I know) and the fact that this drug is supposed to be an antidepressant but from his sister’s evidence made this man worse, is that not evidence?

BBC news, Full article.

Dail Echo, Full article.

Taken fron the FDA information, Citalopram…

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