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GSK (Glaxo’s Seroxat Kills).


GSK (Glaxosmithkline), is reported to be the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world, second only to Pfizer. This company have a range of products available in Ireland including the following high profile ones, Alli, Aquafresh, Augmentin, Horlicks, Lucozade, Macleans (toothpaste), Nicorette, NiQuitin, Panadol, Paxil, Ribena, Sensodyne, Tagamet, Wellbutrin/Bupropion, Zovirax.

This company is another pharmaceutical company that has proven itself to be extremely corrupt and patient care seems to be at the very bottom of their “list of importance”. I wonder how many people would buy these products or trust their medicines if they knew what kind of company this is?

Gsk have been fined in NZ for misleading the public about Vitamin C in Ribena. Link. 

They have had problems with Toxic Zinc levels with Poligrip. Link. 

There was a link to  hyperactivity in children with Lucozade. Link. 

They had to recall their Lucozade lite “summer berries” due to bad smell and taste. Link. 

Their Avandia drug was withdrawn in Europe due to high levels of heart attack, heart failure and stroke. Link. 

They downplayed a warning relating to their anti-Aids drug and heart attacks. Link. 

They have been reprimanded by the FDA for false and misleading advertising. Link. 

Their alli drug can cause Liver damage. Link.  

They received a warning letter from the FDA for inadequate disclosure of data for Avandia. Link. 

They had to recall a “swine flu vaccine” batch which consisted of a 170,000 doses because of extreme side effects. Link. 

A black-box warning was put on GSK’s drugs Paxil/Seroxat and Wellbutrin. Link. 

Warnings were put on their ADHD drug for risks of heart problems, psychotic behaviour and sudden death. Link. 

Another warning from the FDA for failing to warn of risks with their vaccines. Link

Seroxat/Paxil warning updated to include a warning of suicidality for adults using this drug. Link.  

FDA insists on warning for Seroxat that the drug may cause heart defects in babies. Link.  

The FDA issued a warning for GSK’S epilepsy drug (Lamictal) that it could cause a type of meningitis. Link. 

A GSK study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry revealed a nearly sevenfold increase in suicide attempts among those taking Seroxat versus those taking a placebo. Link.  

GSK were fined $750 million for knowingly selling contaminated baby ointment and an ineffective anti-depressant. Link. 

A new warning for risk of life-threatening asthma episodes or asthma-related deaths in patients taking salmeterol. Link.

Gsk were accused of hiding faked drugs because it would hurt sales despite the fact deaths could result. Link.

Taiwan ordered GSK to recall a children’s antibiotic Augmentin after traces of a plasticiser were found inside. Link.

They are also guilty of paying doctors to ghostwrite articles supporting the notorious Paxil/Seroxat. Link.

The BBC exposes GSK’s Seroxat. Link.

Man drowns himself and 2 children, 3 days on Seroxat. Lacuzong v GSK. Link.

Donald Schell Murder/suicide, 2 days on Seroxat. Link to verdict. Borrowed from Prof. Healy’s Wiki page…Link.

“If neg, results can bury,” Glaxo executive Bonnie Rossello wrote in a 1997 memo on what the company would do if forced to conduct animal studies on Seroxat. This statement was exposed at a trial of a child born with heart defects. Link.

Have you got the jist? I could go on, Honestly!

Why are pharmaceutical companies like GSK, Pfizer, Eli-Lilly, Forest labs and Lundbeck getting away with this sort of behaviour? Why would anyone buy these products? Ribena, Lucozade or any GSK products are barred from our home.

If anyone is looking for more information regarding GSK, look no further than these two guys, who both lost years of their lives to Seroxat…Fid Link and Truthman Link.

Or maybe take the time to have a look at the beautiful Sharise who wasn’t as lucky as Fid and Truthman and lost her life to Seroxat. Link.

Update 19/07/2011 Gsk treatened with legal action by Hong Kong. Link.

Glaxo SmithKline Medical/Le​gal Lecture on the “New Mental Health Act” in the Dublin Writers Museum.Pro​f. Patricia Casey (Mater/UCD Speaker), Dr. Brid Hollywood  (Chairpers​on), Mr. Ciaran Cravan (Barrister​- at -Law Speaker), Mr. Michael Kenny (GSK).

9 thoughts on “GSK (Glaxo’s Seroxat Kills).”

  1. I surely do, but we are talking about the pharmaceutical industry here who’s profits seem to override any niggling conscience that they might have. Profits before people.
    This will change, I have no doubt, but it’s only when it affects you that you even think about it. Unfortunately these monsters are effecting more and more people each day. The fact that Doctors, professors, Universities and the medicines regulators all receive money and funding from numerous pharmaceutical companies is certainly not helping but is only delaying the inevitable!


  2. I almost lost my life to Paxil (Seroxat) too but survived a suicide attempt 12 years ago. When I found out later that GSK knew about the suicidal ideation side-effects but covered it up, I was very angry. At first I blamed the doctors that prescribed it to me but then realized they were probably in the dark in the beginning too. They have no excuse now though because the dangers of SSRIs are well known.
    Consequently when I learned that GSK made the swine-flu vaccine that was being made available in Canada, I declined. As it turned out the swine-flu epidemic in 2009 was a hoax anyway. Probably pharmaceutical companies in collusion with Health Canada. I didn’t get the swine flu but a lot of people got sick from the vaccine. What a horrible waste of health-care money!


  3. Hi Julian,
    You are right…there can be no excuses for doctors, the information is readily available now, but they’re still trying to deny all knowledge!
    Re. Swine flu vaccine…all swine flu vaccines were recalled in Ireland due to side effects of narcolepsy. I wonder did GSK give the Irish taxpayer a refund? I’m sure they were well paid for the vaccine, and any damages they will have to pay to the unfortunate narcolepsy victims will be outweighed by the profit they made!
    Irish Independent Article..


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