Lundbeck’s says “Mind yourself”…If you don’t kill yourself first!

Lundbeck, out of the goodness of their drug company hearts, have developed this “Mind yourself” campaign for depression awareness.

OOPS, did they forget to mention that they also manufacture the antidepressants Lexapro/Cipralex and Cipramil/Celexa? This campaign is targeting most of the population, from students to the elderly and everyone in between.

So what’s next for Lundbeck in Ireland? Maybe a “Mind your toddler” or a “Mind your unborn baby” campaign.

Did I already mention the Lundbeck corruption, deceit, fraud, false advertising, hidden advertising and their admission that their drugs can cause “self-harm and harm to others”?

Lately, more and more coroners are trying to get investigations into this drug and on top of that there is an appeal to the courts involving Lundbeck’s behaviour with the acquisition of drugs used to treat patent ductus arteriousus (PDA), a heart condition affecting premature babies. In an internal e-mail the vice president of lundbeck said “We can price these almost anywhere we want given the product profiles”. His plan was to increase the price from $78 to $1,500 Nice Company?

Gaybo launches Lundbeck’s campaign…Link.

Of course there are the usual doctors and psychiatrists promoting their leaflets and Gaybo is not the first “Irish Celeb” to speak at one of their launches, but I would have to warn any prospective spokesperson to Google this drug company before linking their name to Lundbeck and just like starting on their medication, make an informed choice! The “mind yourself in later life” campaign didn’t mention these two Irish guys, Link or  Link or the 78 year old Robert Raines who shot and killed himself and his wife Elsie after 5 days on Cipramil/Celexa…no?

I could go on about the doctors and psychiatrists and conflict of interest’s here but don’t have the time at the moment as we are off to Denmark to find out for ourselves. Maybe our meeting with Lundbeck will explain how Cipramil and Lexapro can or cannot cause suicide and/or homicide!

Mind yourself…Student leaflet.

Mind yourself…At work.

Anxiety in everyday life.

Mind yourself…Keep on track.

Mind yourself…Overcoming depression.

Then there is Lundbeck’s “Lean on me”.

Mind yourself… Depression in later life

Antidepressants and antipsychotics can cause death, stroke ect in the elderly…https://leoniefennell.wordpress.com/2011/07/22/are-antidepressants-being-wrongly-prescribed-in-irish-nursing-homes/

A friend sent me this interesting piece in the Irish Times today regarding psychiatry and it’s close relationship with the pharmaceutical industry… Link.

6 thoughts on “Lundbeck’s says “Mind yourself”…If you don’t kill yourself first!”

  1. Lundbeck are doing very well with their monopoly of Irish Mental health and Irish psychiatry… I wonder how much revenue they generate from selling Ciprmail and Lexapro in Ireland alone. I bet that figure would be staggering to behold! It would have to be in the tens of millions surely?..

    They are making an mint, and with a celebrity endorsement from Gay Byrne! Wow..

    They have the SSRI market all sewn up don’t they?

    Funding for Irish psychiatry, depression awareness campaigns and sponsorship of patient groups (Aware)… does anyone really think they are spending all this money out of the goodness of their hearts?

    Of course not, they are investing in their business model, scraping their profits off the backs of vulnerable depression sufferers… And what a tidy little cash cow they are milking…


  2. http://www.valuepharmaceuticals.com/Celexa.php

    35 euro for a months supply of Cipramil. That’s over 400 euro a year per patient. Over ten years of addiction, that’s 4,000 euro. And let’s take a ball park figure of 5,000 addicted over ten years to Cipramil in Ireland (I am sure it’s way more than that but for the sake of estimates) That’s 20 million euro… and how much do they spend on these depression awareness campaigns?…


  3. Well said Leonie, it’s the insidiousness of these campaigns that is so dangerous. They are presented as some kind of benevolent public health campaign which gives them credibility, when the subtext is always “Talk to a healthcare professional…” (who will no doubt recommend medication).

    Someone should lobby the Advertising Standards Authority for transparency of sponsorship. The drinks industry have to comply with responsible drinking guidelines, the financial sector have to put in disclaimers about investments, if Lundbeck (or any other pharma companies) are sponsoring campaigns about mental health their name should be writ large so that the general public are made aware that they are being targeted as consumers.


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