Robin Williams v Dr Torsten Madsen.

We met with Dr. Torsten Madsen last week in Copenhagen. He neglected to tell us that he is actually a director of Lundbeck. Watch these two videos, one tells jokes about the pharmaceutical industry and the other tell lies for the pharmaceutical industry. Spot the difference..

Dr Madsen: “Some of the studies that we conducted did not have the outcome that we had hoped for, so we speculate that, emm, the reason is due to a too low dosing of 21004”

Robin Williams – 

6 thoughts on “Robin Williams v Dr Torsten Madsen.”

  1. Dr. Madsen is wrong in his speculation about secret formula 21004. A higher dose will not work any better but will only increase the harmful side-effects. My psychiatrist kept upping the dose on my Celexa because it wasn’t working and it was only when a real doctor (GP) serendipitously advised her to lower the dose because of my hypotension side-effect that my suicidal ideation subsided.

    Low doses are effective only because they are metabolized easier by some people. That’s what the spin doctors mean when they say their drug is well tolerated. “Tolerated” meaning you didn’t die immediately after consumption.

    It’s good to have some humour to counteract the dour, pernicious evil of corporations. Robin Williams has been one of my favorite comedians since Mork and Mindy. I think this is an excerpt from his Live North America concert tour in 2002. I laughed throughout the whole DVD.


  2. This idea of tolerability is a red herring ..

    Many things can be tolerable to human beings…
    Radiation can be tolerable in low doses… doesn’t mean it”s safe or healthy….


  3. Robin Williams seems to have much more insight into these drugs than Dr Madsen.

    Dr Madsen probably believes he is helping people with depression by providing drugs that suppress and numb emotional responses. If these drugs seem to ‘work’ for depression it is because they provide an altered state- a drugged up, dumbed down, zombified state. That’s not medicinal, nor is it healing… It’s redundant.

    Dr Madsen needs to pull away from his pharmaceutical puppet ideology and look outside the box which he has so conveniently made for himself…. Depression is an emotion , not a disease, and if Dr Madsen thinks otherwise then he is not fit to be looking after the interests of depressives… nor is he fit to call himself a doctor…

    Remember the hippocratic oath Dr Madsen..

    “First do no harm”…


  4. That Robin Williams skit is classic.

    I’m loving reading about your trip to Copenhagen and your visit to Lundbeck. Thank you for writing about it and getting the word out.


  5. Thanks for the comments guys, I don’t think Dr. Madsen believes that he is helping anybody, he’s a director of the company so his priority is profit. He says that their studies did not have the outcome that they had hoped for so “move on” Dr. Madsen before it gets to the stage where the Patient Information Leaflet grows with the additional side-effects that will be added each year after this other poison gets a licence.
    I wonder will suicide ideation or homicide ideation be listed…time will tell.


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