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Challenge to Irish Psychiatry.

Challenge to the 8 professors who contradicted Dr. Michael Corry when he said that “Shane would not have done what he did if he wasn’t on antidepressants”… Why don’t you watch this video of an actual ssri expert, speaking about the dangers of suicide and homicide caused by antidepressants. 8 professors who contradicted Dr. Michael Corry….

Prof PATRICIA CASEY, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital/UCD;
Prof BRIAN LAWLOR, Saint James’s Hospital, Dublin;
Prof JAMES V LUCEY, St Patrick’s Hospital Dublin;
Prof KEVIN MALONE, St Vincent’s University Hospital/UCD;
Prof DAVID MEAGHER, University of Limerick;
Prof COLM McDONALD, National University of Ireland Galway.

Professor David Healy and Robert Whitaker spoke at a Casper lecture in New Zealand. Casper was set up by Toran’s mum, Maria and Cloudy’s mum, Deb. Both of these mothers were positive that antidepressants had caused their children to commit suicide and both of these mothers will spend their lives helping victims families and warning other prospective victims.

Back to the 8 professors who contradicted Dr. Corry….

This is the last line in the 8 professors letter to the Irish Times in reply to Dr. Corry’s claim about Shane…”We regret that greater restraint was not exercised in the coverage of this sad event and we unequivocally recommend that the relevant media outlets follow the wise counsel of the Irish Association of Suicidology when dealing such sensitive issues.”

Tell me this …How wise was it for the “Irish Association of Suicidology” to allow their Kerry Lecture to be sponsored by two drug companies who manufacture drugs that can cause a person to commit suicide?  Roche and Lundbeck…

9 thoughts on “Challenge to Irish Psychiatry.”

  1. Look at you with the embed link 😉

    I’ve watched David Healy’s talk then paused it, will go back later for Robert’s talk. The list of psychs provided in your post here will, more than likely dismiss both Healy and Whitaker because they don’t ‘tow the pharmaceutical line’.

    I’m wondering if any of them will even bother to watch it. Then again an attack of the conscience is the last thing Casey et al would need to start their day off. Oops, have I made a libelous comment? Just an opinion and a presumption based on the fact that I borrowed Patrick McGorry’s DeLorean to predict the outcome of the 8 psychiatrist responses.

    Keep up the great work Leonie. Flourish and prosper sister.


    1. Is it even Possible to Libel 8 people who remain That intentionally, Whatever?

      I guess it must be, because judges in the States are Still letting their American Ilk get away with it.

      Consider their ‘Ethics’ in America. The APA’s DSM carries a copyright warning. DSM ‘Illnesses’ are, according to the APA, for real and the APA is selling ‘Health’ because they want people to be ‘Mentally Healthy’.

      Then they Threaten people with American Copyright Law, In actual effect, they make it as difficult as possible for people to even Find Out whether or not they are afflicted with any Psychiatric incurable ‘Illnesses’.

      People are expected to Consult an APA member to learn whether or not their ‘Mental Health’ is in jeopardy, rather than making the Diagnostic criteria more widely available so people can take pre-emptive, corrective action & avoid becoming ‘Mentally Ill’.

      Catch 22. Consult a Psychiatrist, and you are automatically Diagnosed as ‘Mentally Ill’, whereas you Weren’t ‘Sick in the Head’ until you made the mistake of asking.

      One weird way of selling Any kind of ‘Health’ in anyone’s reckoning. You’d Think that if the Bounders were actually Concerned with the public’s ‘Health’ they’d Want the public to Know they might be getting Sick so they could keep themselves Healthy.

      So I ask again; Is it even Possible to Libel them?


  2. I believe Healy and Whitaker over those 8 charlatans who I never heard of before. Healy and Whitaker are renown and respected in their field. Those others — not so much. I doubt if they will take the challenge to watch the video because it contradicts their biases but they should because they might learn something from real professionals.


  3. What really galls me about this rampant bias in regards to mainstream psychiatric opinion is that it is a massive insult to those whom have suffered because of obvious breeches of ethics… The pro-pharma psychiatric brigade don’t seem to care about the stories of those whom go through the psychiatric system.. This is a massive failure in care and compassion… They don’t want to listen to (or acknowledge) any criticism.. Such gigantic super-ego’s they must possess… scary…


  4. I have just watched the whole of this lecture by the brilliant and brave David Healy and the highly intuitive and intelligent Robert Whitaker. Although I knew most of this information, to see it hammered home in such an informative way is simply astounding. Irish psychiatry has a lot of questions to answer…


  5. Leoni;

    Fid posted a picture of you and Tony standing before the sign out in front of Lundbeck: the one with the Red Star on it. I know what a Red Star means, (& Lundbeck is not selling Texaco gasoline) & with Psychiatry infested with Collectivist Group Think Salesmen (be happy: take these killer pills) I was wondering if you’d asked Lundbeck what Their Red Star stands for.

    If I had Any belief in, or use for, Freud, I’d call Lundbeck’s Star a Freudian slip.


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