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Mary McAleese and Lundbeck again.

O.k so tell me, what is the Irish president doing associating herself with Lundbeck again? All I have left of my gorgeous handsome son because he tried 17 days on Lundbecks Cipramil, is two vials of his blood sitting in my freezer ready for gene testing.

I have written about our Irish President before because she is the patron of the “Irish association of suicidalology” and this organisation, which is supposed to be looking for answers as to why people committ suicide, see no problem in allowing two pharmaceutical companies whose drugs are well known to cause some people to become suicidal, to sponsor their Kerry conference. Link.

I wouldn’t care if she was Barack Obama himself, in my opinion she is wrong to allow herself to be associated with a dubious pharmaceutical company that manufacture medication with known risks to suicidality and homicidality. Despite a lenghty list of warnings in the U.S, this company (and all other manufacturers of ssri’s) have failed in their duty to warn the Irish public, which have led to some very tragic and devastating incidences in this country.

Did I already say that Lundbeck test adult medication on children as young as 7? What about the fact that they say it’s up to the doctor (not Lundbeck) to warn pregnant women that their drugs can harm unborn babies? Or the fact that they have sent a letter to the Canadian Healthcare professionals (but deny it in Ireland) warning of reports of self harm and harm to others, suicide/homicide with Citalopram, otherwise known as Cipramil or Celexa in the U.S? 

The latest conflict…

President McAleese will open this CARDI (Centre For Aging Research and Development In Ireland) conference on 2/3 Nov. 2011 at Croke Park Dublin which is sponsored by Lundbeck, The Health Research Board and the Public Health Agency Northern Ireland. Among other subjects relating to older people, there will be a special panel discussing  “Global Ageing meets Dementia”. The Irish government recently made a commitment to develop a National Dementia Strategy by 2013. 

Lundbeck manufacture medication for dementia!

Memantine, also know as lundbeck’s Ebixa. Did I read this right? From the patient information leaflet…between 1-10 people in 1000 can get heart failure.

And then this, the first sentence blames the disease for depression, suicidal ideation and suicide and the second says it’s actually in patients treated with Ebixa!

Alzheimer’s disease has been associated with depression, suicidal ideation and suicide. In post-marketing experience these events have been reported in patients treated with Ebixa.

Common drug ineffective in early Alzheimer’s: study

By Julie Steenhuysen.  Apr 12, 2011

CHICAGO (Reuters) – A commonly prescribed Alzheimer’s drug had no effect in treating patients with a mild form of the disease, U.S. researchers said on Monday, underscoring the need for new and better treatments for the most common form of dementia.

Sold under the brand Namenda by Forest Laboratories Inc and Germany’s Merz Pharma, the drug had U.S. sales of about $1.2 billion last year.

For the study, researchers culled through published studies, presentations at medical meetings and other sources to find studies that looked at the effectiveness of the drug memantine, Namenda’s generic form, in patients with mild Alzheimer’s disease.

They found that memantine worked no better than a dummy pill at treating the disease.

“Despite its frequent off-label use, evidence is lacking for a benefit of memantine in mild Alzheimer’s disease, and there is meager evidence for its efficacy in moderate Alzheimer’s disease,” the authors wrote.

They said more scientifically rigorous studies are needed to show the drug works.” Ebixa side-effects. Link.

Wiki; Despite years of research, whether memantine (Ebixa) has any effect in mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease is unknown.

So…will the discussion get around to the fact that there are more and more emerging concerns that antidepressants and antipsychotics do not work for older people with dementia? Link.

Back to Citalopram and ssri’s…

So if the scientific proof is there and there are ssri experts who say that this medication does indeed cause some people to become suicidal and homicidal, exactly how many people are dying because the president/the patron of the Irish association of suicidalology, the government or the Irish Medicines Board won’t get their heads out of the sand and investigate these drugs?

I sent another letter to President Mary McAleese reiterating my request for an investigation into Citalopram. Reply below…





Excuse me if I don’t understand. Tell that to the next family of a person who commits an act of “self harm or harm to another” on this medication!

4 thoughts on “Mary McAleese and Lundbeck again.”

  1. “Separation of Powers” Pah!

    More like separation of responsibility!

    Nobody wants to hold up their hands and say, “We’re sorry, we will help you, we will take these reports of suicide seriously.” They just attach their names to the cause because it makes them look like they are concerned.

    Keep on going Leonie, you are causing them more grief than you actually give yourself credit for.


  2. I think the answer to the first question is “because of all the money Lundbeck is pouring into Ireland”. Never mind that it is blood money.
    It amazes me how many of these drugs for various illnesses which are no more effective than a tic tac with serious adverse side-effects like heart failure can rake in billions of dollars. And a lot of this money comes from our taxes which pay for public health care programs.
    I commend you for attempting to go through the proper channels by appealing to your government for help but they are only intent on playing dodge ball. These bureaucrats are as useless as teats on a bull.
    Unfortunately it has been left up to the survivors of the victims – mothers like yourself and Maria Bradshaw (CASPER) in New Zealand and Celeste Steubing (CCHR documentary Dead Wrong) in the United States to raise awareness about the harm caused by these drugs marketed by callous drug manufacturers mainly for monetary profit.
    Like Fiddaman says, “keep after them”. They won’t be so complacent when they see they aren’t getting a free ride.


  3. Leonie, have you considered asking an opposition TD to lobby for this on your behalf or even sponsor a private member’s bill?

    Even if you got no further than a debate it would at least open the surrounding issues to question (particularly the relationship between the pharma industry and the Medicines Board) without any legal gag because of Dail privilege. At the very least it would get a lot of media coverage.

    As 3 out of the 4 TD’s in your constituency are government members you only really have one choice, however I suspect that of those available he would be your best bet anyway:

    (I’m not a PBP member btw, but I would consider joining them if they took this issue up).


  4. I continue to research any politician, any doctor etc., and pharma together – up comes Leonie Fennell on….you have done it all Leonie…and sadly it is only when we come across a personal grief or conflict or lies lies lies from doctors, government or pharma, we ourselves realise that it is already out there…as Leonard Cohen sings “Everbody Knows…” Leonie, we did not know, we were all living our lives and looking after our own when Pharma, Government and Doctors who admit no harm and yet so do…came calling into our lives, our homes, our families by their weapons of body destruction. And when we look inside the system of healthcare what do we find…we find the politicians ON ALL SIDES, Doctors, Pharma and Society bow to the manmade gods of pharma for profit and gain….as for the suffering souls who are harmed…who have died…Let us listen now with disgust to those politicians, pharma, doctors who boast of pharma and their pills…Liars the lot of them…every one of them…Liars Liars Liars…let them stand at a lonely graveside – let them come and witness the scars from doctors who are sponsored by pharma and let us know that Taoiseach, Tanaiste and all of Sinn Féin, yes you too Fianna Fáil and the best one really is “People for Pharma” Richard Barrett…As for the previous President – shame on you Mary McAleese, shame on you, you speak out against the Catholic Church and yet you know that Church State and Pharma are all linked…Thank you Leonie…you do your best…like so many now who have been “visited” by Pharma. What do we have today – a Good Friday Agreement brought in to bring criminals and terrorists off the streets…take away their guns…and give them free reign over innocent citizens with pills of destruction, harm and death…There is no Safety and Life Agreement for patients of pharma…God help all of us….


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