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Lundbeck under investigation again.

The latest investigation into Lundbeck’s wrongdoing was done by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, London. Full Article by Melanie Newman… BOIJ.

The Bureau of Investigation wrote a recent article about Cipramil (Celexa in the U.S) and Cipralex (Lexapro here) which is basically the same product, but one happens to be the newer version which Lundbeck introduced just as Cipramil’s Licence was running out. The one major difference is that the newer drug costs more than 11 times that of the older version and the NHS are paying £14.91 compared to just £1.31 for the older one. Makes me wonder just how much the HSE (Health Service Executive) in Ireland are paying?

Was trial of blockbuster anti-depressant truly independent?

The NHS is spending almost £25 million a year on a blockbuster anti-depressant drug despite evidence that it has little clinical advantage over an almost identical medication which costs a fraction of the price.

An investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism for The Independent has raised questions about the only head to head independent study to find evidence that Cipralex is clinically more effective in treating depression than its out-of-patent predecessor, Cipramil. Both have a similar main ingredient but Cipralex costs £14.91 compared to just £1.31 for generic Cipramil. The investigation sheds light on the lengths that  pharmaceutical companies go to extend the lives of drugs whose patents are about to run out. 

Questioning effectiveness
Cipralex or Lexapro, as it’s known in the US, is one of the most widely prescribed anti-depressants in the world, but has been criticised for being little different from Cipramil, whose patent expired in 2002. There has only ever been one independent direct comparative study which suggests that Cipralex is clinically more effective.

The Bureau’s investigation has now established connections between an individual working for Lundbeck, the Danish company that makes both Cipralex and Cipramil, and Arbacom, a Russian company that sponsored the independent head to head trial…Full Article.


This is not the first time Lundbeck have found themselves having to defend their dubious practises

Lundbeck have already told myself and Tony that they have and will again, do drug trials on children as young as seven. They have blatently lied to Irish TV stating that their drugs do not cause suicide or violence, when they have already admitted to the same in another country…Link.  They have also been accused of comitting medical Fraud and Bribery…Link. 

Lundbeck have also been accused of accused of hidden advertising, which by the way, is obviously not an offence here or there would be a lot of Irish so-called helplines shut down…Link. There seems to be no shortage of paid Irish puppets extolling the virtues of Lundbeck’s drugs while at the same time denying the very serious side-effects!

Talking about increasing the price of their product for Premature babies from $78 to $1,500, Lundbecks Vice President said, “We can price these almost anywhere we want given the product profiles”…Link.

Lundbeck found guilty of breach of advertising rules. Link.

2 thoughts on “Lundbeck under investigation again.”

  1. There is money to be made in killing people in executions in the United States. A tremendous opportunity for profit and growth if you’re a drug company. They won’t be making money from pentobarbital in Canada because we don’t have the death penalty.

    Ironically their drugs promoted to “save lives” are killing more people than their drug to take lives.


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