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Are antidepressants the cause of the recent spate of murder/suicides in China? 抗抑鬱藥,最近接連發生在中國的謀殺 /自殺的原因?

抗抑鬱藥,最近接連發生在中國的謀殺 /自殺的原因?

Are antidepressants the cause of the latest spate of murder/suicides in China?

In the last year there has been a series of newspaper articles concerning recent murder/suicides in China. It seems that this kind of tragedy was virtually unheard of in China until recently. China is relatively new to the antidepressant market, I wouldn’t be too sure that the Chinese are aware of the dangers; I’m sure the various drug companies are not volunteering the information that these drugs can actually cause both suicide and homicide.

As you my be aware, my son killed himself and another young man in Aug 2009. I have the expert report which Professor Healy did for Shane’s Inquest, stating that, in his opinion, this was caused by Cipramil. For anyone that wants to read his report, I have blanked out the names of the other people involved but will attach it here…Professor Healy’s Report March 2010.

Back to China…

School attacks in the People’s Republic of ChinaWikipedia

A series of uncoordinated mass stabbings, hammer attacks, and cleaver attacks in the People’s Republic of China began in March 2010. The spate of attacks left at least 21 dead and some 90 injured.

Kindergarten killings are a turning point for ChinaThe Telegraph

The series of kindergarten murders that has swept across China marks a turning point for Chinese society.

In a country which reveres children – especially since the one-child policy was introduced in the late 1970s – it is difficult to imagine how any atrocity could be worse than the premeditated murder of innocent toddlers. Since March 23, when a mentally-unstable doctor stabbed eight primary school children to death, each copycat attack has added to parents’ fears.

Life on the margins of Chinese society has always been unfair and difficult, but it is near impossible to imagine the rage that must have driven these men to slit the throats of young children. Clearly, something is very rotten in China.

Exactly what is going on in China?? The Moderator

Exactly what is going on in China?

A rash of bloody, knife and meat cleaver murders of small school kids by adults have stunned China, a country where children are treasured. It seemingly matches the inexpicable killing sprees that peppered American history over the past few decades. The question is “why.” And the answer so far is: “no one knows” — but a lot of parents now fear.


The most widely-used antidepressants in China by the end of last year were GlaxoSmithKline’s Paxil/Seroxat (paroxetine) with a value market share of 18%, followed by Pfizer’s Zoloft (sertraline; 10%) and Eli Lilly’s Prozac (fluoxetine; also 10%). Lundbeck’s older drug Cipramil (citalopram), also sold by Xian-Janssen, and Lexapro had market shares of 6.5% and 3.0% respectively.

Soo,  the Chinese people have been introduced to Seroxat, Prozac, Zoloft, Cipramil and Lexapro which can cause suicide and homicide ideation and there has been a spate of murder/suicides. Now isn’t that a co-incidence.

Has it anything to do with Lundbeck’s recent marketing push on Lexapro in China?

Lundbeck to establish a strong, dedicated sales… FE Investegate

Lundbeck will substantially increase sales and marketing efforts behind Lexapro in China. Lundbeck already has a foothold in China and stands to benefit from the rapidly evolving Chinese CNS market.

Lundbeck sees China as land of opportunity for Lexapro…PharmaTimesOnline

Lundbeck has unveiled plans to double its sales force in China with a specific emphasis on promoting the blockbuster Lexapro in the growing antidepressant market there.

So it begs the question, considering all of the above drugs can cause suicide and homicide, how many of the perpetrators were on an antidepressant?

One worrying aspect is that Lundbeck have just launched Lexapro in Japan. So it remains to be seen if the next headlines will be “School attacks in Japan” and “Exactly what is going on in Japan”?

GSK have already trialed the notorious Seroxat on Japanese  7-17 year olds, despite the fact that ssri’s have been proven to be detrimental to children, even causing deaths. But then, what do you expect from a company with such dubious ethics (on an equal par with Lundbeck) who see no moral issue with doing drug trials on children as young as 7?  Link. 

12 thoughts on “Are antidepressants the cause of the recent spate of murder/suicides in China? 抗抑鬱藥,最近接連發生在中國的謀殺 /自殺的原因?”

  1. Keep up the good work! You are doing something very important. Drug companies should be held liable for their products. When they introduced SSRS’s, it came with a massive PR campaign that even fooled the USA Congress to declare ‘the decade of the brain” because of the “convincing” scientific evidence that SSRS’s were the new miracle drug. Finally the truth is catching up and your part of this switch is crucial. Thank you!


  2. Hi to you both,
    Thanks for the support.
    It’s such a pity that drug companies spend more money on advertising than on studies which might help their consumers. The false advertising which led to these dangerous drugs becoming known as “Happy pills” was the main reason that I sent Shane to the doctor. Unfortunately for some, these drugs can be “very unhappy pills”!


  3. I think the same thing now every time I read a news story about somebody who snaps and goes on a rampage at a school or workplace. Was he on antidepressants? If it is reported that the perpetrator was seeing a psychiatrist it is almost guaranteed they were because that is the first-line treatment by psychiatrists.
    It’s fortunate that China has gun regulations or these episodes could be much more tragic like the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007 where the gunman killed 32 people and wounded 25 others before committing suicide. Of course he had been taking antidepressants.
    They are blaming this influx of attacks in China on mental illness caused by the stress of cultural changes and societal pressures in the competitive environment of the new capitalist economy. With the largest population in the world you can be sure that pharmaceutical companies will be wanting to tap this market. The dangers of SSRIs are more widely known now but with the government censoring the internet this information could be stifled. I anticipate these incidents will increase with the spread of SSRIs in China.


    1. “It’s fortunate that China has gun regulations or these episodes could be much more tragic like the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007 where the gunman killed 32 people and wounded 25 others before committing suicide.”

      Do the timeline.

      Nobody got shot at Virginia Tech, or in Any of the Other US School Shootings until After some Behavioral Quack poisoned the people who did the shootings. With 68 School Shootings having antidepressants involved in them, and the US having roughly 12 Million more guns in it than people, …… and the Campus Police at Virginia Tech being told to stand down because the Feds were on the way, …… and those Feds dithered around as Cho was shooting his last 29 or 30 victims, …..

      …… more gun regulations were the desideratum, not the cause.


      1. After the Virginia Tech massacre by the Korean student the NRA types suggested arming every student on campus as the solution. I couldn’t believe it.
        In Canada where there is strict gun control the murder total for last year was 550. Last year in the USA there were 15,000 murders. Approximately 70 percent of the total murders in the U.S. are committed with firearms versus about 30 percent in Canada. I see a correlation.
        Yes, SSRIs played a bigger role but easy access to handguns made it easier to commit the slaughter.


  4. While I don’t have immediate access to that set of Canadian statistics, I find them suspect.

    At last count, about 1 yr ago (and it’s doubtless higher today) America had 22,311 gun regulations/gun control laws. The only lawful activity in America more highly regulated than owning a gun is flying an airplane.

    If 22,311 gun control laws haven’t prevented gun violence, how would even 1 more law, let alone another 22,311 of them would do the trick?

    If guns being “unregulated or under regulated” under America’s 22,311 existing regulations were causing school and workplace/public shootings, with Over 300 Million guns existing in America, Why, aren’t there tens of thousands of school shootings?

    Would you feel better if those 15,000 murders in the US were committed with the same objects used by your 70% majority of Canadians?

    If a person is willing to commit murder, and in many states risk the death penalty, how, is adding on an additional 5 year sentence enhancement for using a gun to commit the crime supposed to deter them?

    Please scroll down 2/5ths of this page for a picture of US Senator Diane Feinstein and the accompanying commentary.

    Senator Feinstein has made the public comment:

    “If I could get 51 votes (in the Senate) I’d say turn them all in Mr & Mrs America.”

    There are 4 inviolable rules for gun safety which make accidents with them impossible, just 4.

    1: Know where the muzzle is pointing. Never let it cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
    2: Always open the action and visually guarantee that the gun is unloaded.
    3: Keep you finger Off the trigger until your sights are On the target you intend to shoot.
    4: Know what is behind your target, IE, farm houses, buildings, people etc. (or on the other side of a wall)

    Senator “turn them all in” Feinstein who admitted to packing one herself, is violating All 4 in a room full of people, while lecturing them about how dangerous guns are.

    And I hope Leoni won’t take this next one as heartless grandstanding on my part, but it wasn’t a gun that killed Shane. It was a pack of lying hypocrites with their filthy drugs and occultist, holier than thou, political philosophies and Godless money grubbings.


  5. Anyone can access those statistics with a google search.
    I agree that it is soulless psychiatrists and pharmaceutical corporations that are proliferating the spread of these SSRI toxins and accounting for the death of millions. I don’t agree with the ultra conservatives in the U.S. who rail against over-regulating. Both Cho and Loughner were able to buy automatic assault weapons with high capacity 33 round clips in a store without a background check on their psychiatric history. That degree of carnage isn’t possible with a knife or baseball bat.


    1. Automatic Assault Weapons?

      Cho used a 9mm handgun and a .22 handgun. The Federal response team showed up at platoon strength with state of the art military select fire battle rifles and bullet proof vests.

      Then they literally Goofed Off hiding behind trees for a half hour when they could have easily stopped it. But they Didn’t, because somebody on up the line Wanted what the US ATF called a ZBO (zee big one) when explaining the Randy Weaver/Ruby Ridge incident.

      Picture, PLEASE, picture in your mind’s eye, those innocent Kindergarten Kids in China, and a meat cleaver. It’s enough to give anyone a lifetime of nightmares. If their teachers had had so much as a 9mm, the Same putz Handgun Cho used, it wouldn’t have happened.

      The Chinese Communist Govt has murdered over 20 Million of its own citizens, and you’re telling me that They have the moral high ground on this issue?

      “That degree of carnage isn’t possible with a knife or baseball bat.” ?

      Meat Cleavers used on a Kindergarten Class?

      A US Federal Response Team that stood around with its thumb up its a**, pretending they couldn’t handle one student with a 9mm & a .22?

      This may surprise you, but teachers in the Philippines protect Their kids with surplus US Military M1 & M14 battle rifles.


      1. I’m not buying the “arm everybody and this wouldn’t happen” argument by NRA supporters. At the recent killing spree at IHOP in Carson City, Nevada in September by a lone gunman, a witness who owns Locals BBQ & Grill nearby said he grabbed his own weapon but didn’t fire out of fear of getting shot by Sencio’s more powerful AK-47. Yes, Sencio was depressed and could have been on SSRIs but he was still able to get hold of an assault rifle. 2nd amendment rights notwithstanding, this was a tragedy waiting to happen.


  6. I’m not asking you to ‘Buy’ Anything.

    EVERY State in the US which has enacted CCW (carry concealed weapon) reform laws which allow Citizens to carry a concealed handgun/exercise an Inalienable Right, has experienced a dramatic, and ongoing, Decrease in the actual numbers of victims of gun violence.

    The author – an economist – did not set out to advance a pro gun agenda, and what he researched he published Without allowing any political agenda to distort it.

    And while we’re at it, hows about you define “Assault Rifle” for me. IF, you mean a Military look alike which fires One Shot each time you pull the trigger you’ve been mislead by people With an agenda who are intentionally confusing full automatic fire with semi automatic fire.


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