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Otsuka Holdings Co. joins (dark) forces with Lundbeck.

Last week Reuters reported that Lundbeck are entering into a partnership with Japanese drugmaker Otsuka Holdings Co. for the joint development and sale of up to five psychiatric and neuroscience drugs. Sounds like a good idea? Depends on the drugs I suppose, and if both pharmaceutical companies really have their consumers best interests at heart.

Hmm, considering Lundbeck’s dubious history, I wondered what type of company would want to get involved with the notorious Lundbeck, who test adult drugs on 7 year olds, deny in some countries that their drugs can cause suicide and homicide while admitting it in others and allow unsuspecting pregnant women to harm their unborn babies by their failure to warn of the teratogen effect of Citalopram and Escitalopram.

Key to this venture is reported to be Otsuka’s aripiprazole, a once-a-month injectable treatment for schizophrenia that is in late-stage development.

I wonder if the deaths related with Aripiprazole have been an issue for Otsuka? Does it matter to either company about the Increased Mortality in Elderly Patients with Dementia-Related Psychosis treated with Aripiprazole, also known as Abilify?

The reported deaths were from cardiovascular or infectious problems: heart failure, sudden death, pneumonia. The fact that this medication is not approved for the treatment of patients with dementia-related psychosis would make that issue a moot point, wouldn’t it? Eh NO! In 2008, Otsuka American Pharmaceutical Inc. the American subsidiary of the Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturer, agreed to pay over $4 million to resolve allegations of off-label marketing of the same drug for treatment of dementia-related psychosis. Despite having a black-box warning, Otsuka also knowingly promoted the sale and use of Abilify for pediatric use.

Now there’s a well-matched partnership! How many consumers will they kill before the patents for these five drugs, run out?

1 thought on “Otsuka Holdings Co. joins (dark) forces with Lundbeck.”

  1. I lost all trust in 2009 for both the medical profession and the pHARMaceutical industry.
    I wont witter on about my injustices so ill just say of why the reasons not to trust any medicines that i have self researched myself thoroughly and concluded with.
    1. Even science admits an unsurety as to how the ssri/snri works.
    2. No drug is a cure, only treats a symptom, whilst causing further side effects. (that if not recognized for being effect from medication is then further drugged as if treating another disease)
    3. No Doctor knows about brain drugs, no Dr trials the drug, no Dr is going to read up on the drug other than the pHARMa promotional info.
    4. Evidenced based medicine is based on trials that last 6-8 weeks and at the longest, 6 months.
    No scientific nor medical education is needed to see, ‘that’ is no comparative to a realism of prescribing, months and years.
    5. All clinical trial reports withold data of negative responses and or deviate results. Both the MHRA, (UK) and FDA (USA) are aware of such deviations but allow these drugs to be marketed regardless.
    6. Medication is the 3rd biggest killer in the U.S
    7. Over a hundred thousand people in the UK IN 2010, were admitted to hospital or were secondarily treated from the adverse reactions of a medication. (this clearly expressing millions spent on the drugs by the health service, initially was a waste of money, then with the further treatments needed of course all preventable money spent as also preventable harm, death and traumas induced (funny how the law suits and pay offs are funded by the healthcare too (being tax payers cash) so no mistake, error, malpractice nor any as such induced harm from idle, non researching in full, is ever to be learnt from punishing, the dr or pHARMa walk away without blame 90% of the time. So where is justice in screwing the welfare medaid etc when all healthcare millions and billions are wasted by the actual sposed experts. I hate pHARMa they are basically
    a scam as patients are profit

    my biggest hate of which even i kick myself for, now i realise the reality of ssri/snri drugs is that, depression, anxiety, adhd, stress, anger, nervous tension etc are not diseases, disorders, malfunctions, dysfunctions rtc, they are personality traits, characteristics, is it any wonder in a world of such deceit, violent crime, a moral perverts, fear, debts, hatred etc that we as people will fall into a much stressed, unhappy, cant cope, want to get away from but are stuck in a rut scenario, we are in need of time out, support, and calm surroundings not chemical synthetic toxic alien to body drugs that are drugs,
    todays medicine is a contradiction, amphetamine is ilegal on the streets yet adhd kids are drugged with it.
    All street drugs are former psychtropic meds banned. How can the seriousness of anyscience prove brain drugs are fit to market when do not know how they work? And equally condemn drugs that they state are addictive yet drug the kidswith that ilegal adictive drug? We are being mass experimented on, there is so much info of patients dying, becoming worse in any condition and being psychotic on these drugs, but still this is not being cared about, sorry for lengthy post just had to vent the all


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