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For 2011, don’t let it be you!

Fox news were warning people of the dangers of antidepressants in 2007 and yet I knew nothing in 2009.

In 2011, Please don’t let it be you. Be informed.

3 thoughts on “For 2011, don’t let it be you!”

  1. The truth, is there is documentation dating as far back as 1998 proving a concern about the both ssri/snri drugs, esp the adverse reactions and withdrawal. (google the following- Professor Richard Lathe Withdrawal antidepressants, ssri, this guy has written a letter of concern its a good source of evidence, sorry ive no links at this particular moment, as not at home) il post links later to provide a good list of documented info predating 2007.

    You, like me knew sod all till 2009, its a damned disgrace isnt it, i know alerts and warnings were issued to prescribers in Dec 2004, telling Drs to be aware of an induced clinical worsening that may be mistaken for a relapse.
    Thats what happened to me, i was just continually adversely reacting because the effects i was suffering were decided an underlying cause, pathetic as it is, being on the drug, deteriorating and mentally impaired i had no ability to work out the drug was the cause, its an obvious connection i know, but not when on the evil drug.


  2. In 1992, at age 15, I was put on the SSRI, Prozac, because I was suffering from an eating disorder. One night, not long after I began taking it, out of the blue I picked up a needle and started cutting the skin on my arm. Seen as a worsening of my condition, my dose was increased. So did the self-harm.

    To cut a VERY long story short, between 1992 and 1998 I was changed from one SSRI to another, reaching the maximum dose of one before being changed to another. During this time I attempted suicide >10 times, cut my arms to shreds and hospitalised 9 times. Luckily I met a great therapist in 1998 who knew about the link with SSRIs and self-harm/suicide and we went about tapering me off them. Since these drugs have left my system 13 years ago, I haven’t been inside a hospital (other than to give birth!). I have not had any inclination to cut myself and ending my own life is not something I could never do, no matter how down I get, it just isn’t an option.

    SSRIs took my teens away from me. Robbed me of life and normality, not to mention the horror my poor family went through watching me go through this and come so close to losing me on numerous occasions.

    Shame on these drug companies.


  3. The facts are totally there as you say MM, you were diagnosed as condition worsening, this is in early 90s.
    How can nearly 2 decades on be still, with clueless prescribing?, my horror recently was a friend having ‘shingles’ felt drained and low, she was advised to take antidepressants. The idiocy of Dr.s terrifies me.

    You were lucky to have had a clued up therapist, i was bullied by a psychiatrist, whom also actually inanely decided, my excessive exhaustion and fatigue (caused by Effexor) was from cannabis (i dont use/never have).

    We are all duped from an early age that Drs are experts, medicine cures etc
    The fact is Drs neither make nor test a drug, medication has cured nothing ever, it treats symptoms while inducing several more.
    Vaccinations are indeed harmfull and anyone in the profession who has evidence to verify the harm is sacked, abused, slandered etc, the pharmaceutical orgs are quadzillionairres at the expense of our health knowingly. Their motto is ‘a patient cured is a profit lost’.

    Any court case to file against medicines is so complex and will cost more than any other cases. It is simply that pHARMa is second in power on a global power, banks being first.
    No government dares take on Pharma.


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