Dear Shane,

Dear Shane,

When I lay my head to rest, sometimes I can’t sleep, because some things bother me,                        

I have some stuff on my chest, you wrote a letter to me so here is my letter to you,

I know we fought like brothers at times like all brothers do, but I want you to know you were the best

and I know you still watch my back now in everything I do…because Mom said so, so it has to be true!

One of the hardest things I had to do was carry you with Jake,

but we dont blame you, we understand your heartache, too much pain for even your big heart to take!

At first my heart wouldn’t let me believe you were dead, but Dad told me something, Do you know what he said?

He said ”God was looking for an angel and he found one in our Shane”

Although you are gone I will cry no more tears, coz I think of the good times we had for twenty one years!

I have to thank you for bringing me closer to my family too, we all love you, you know we do,       

It’s hard for me to try and fill Superman’s shoes, so I think I’ll put them aside and give it a go in mine,                                          

you rest in peace bro and I’ll see you another time!                                                                                            

Slan go foil!

From Liam

7 May 2010

7 thoughts on “Dear Shane,”

  1. I felt I had to comment after reading this. I was talking with Maria, Toran’s mom, the other day and I told her that I couldn’t possibly know what it feels like to lose a child. I do feel your pain though and I do think about Shane, Toran, Sharise and Sara every single day. As a writer I try hard to switch off but knowing both you and Tony and having met other parents it is very hard for me to just sleep without thinking about you all.

    Leonie, you are an incredible woman and you have an incredible man by your side in Tony. You also have an incredible family and good support from friends.

    Liam’s letter is beautiful…tell him the Englishman said so.

    Love and Peace to you all.



  2. Thank you so much for sharing these solemn and sacred words written as only a grieving brother could write,
    As painful as it can be for us as parents, we often fail to realize the toll exacted on our remaining children, however Liam’s words bring it into perspective.

    Love to you all.

    Amery and Christiane


  3. Wow! Liam that is beautiful. Your for sure get your strength from your lovely family. Although no-one will ever know your pain, I know the pain of loosing a brother, you never forget them and they are always with you. Their strength remains with you and carries you through the happy and challenging times in life.

    It sounds to me Liam that you are already walking the shoes of a man who shows strength and courage. shane would be very proud of you.


  4. This was so beautiful. I admire your strength, and it just shows you that Love conquers all- including death.

    LIam, I’ve never been in your shoes, but the strength and compassion you shared in this piece I know you are an amazing person with an amazing family. Thank you for writing this.


    1. The courage and strength you and Tony have to change the system even though your pain is so raw is more than inspirational it is truely remarkable and its so obvious that your children are picking up on your strength. It’s a diffcult and long road you have to walk but you’ll get there cuz and with that passion doors will for sure open for you in the most unexpected times. take care, always thinking of you and your family xxxx p.s. thanks for the cuppa cha the other week


  5. I don’t know what it feels like to lose a son to SSRI drugs, I can only imagine the pain… but I do understand it… as I once was that son on SSRI drugs

    Keep fighting the good fight..

    Remarkable is an understatement…



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