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Why did the Irish Government not warn of the dangers of SSRIs?

The issue of ssri’s and their causal link to suicide has been around for many years and will be around for many more, as more and more suicides and murder/suicides are found to be caused by antidepressants. This month in another landmark ruling, a Canadian Judge held that Prozac Was To Blame for Murder. He was ruling on the case of a teenager who inexplicably murdered his friend while on Prozac. Judge Heinrichs said: “(Prozac) clearly affected his behaviour in an alarming way. He was simply not the same person[1].”

Years before Shane took an ssri, which resulted in the tragic consequences of 2009, the Irish Government was made aware of the dangers of antidepressants. Unfortunately for my family and another, nothing was done! A detailed report was compiled for the Oireachtas by Nuria O’Mahony and Mindfreedom Ireland, with the help of Dr. Michael Corry, detailing the corruption by the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland and their manipulation of data from clinical trials[2]. Not only that, but it delves into one particular company, GSK, and their now-proven concealing of the dangers of Seroxat/Paxil, particularly in regard to stimulation and its adverse consequences of murder and suicide.

The fact is, the pharmaceutical industry giants –with tacit complicity by the government oversight regulatory body that has lost its way- are able to CONCEAL the most damaging facts about the products the IMB approves for wide marketing without so much as FULL disclosure of the hazardous risks. Only the court provide a mechanism for getting at the truth, even though current laws allow defendant companies to keep documents sealed. It is strictly in the PUBLIC INTEREST to CHANGE THE LAW and open the documents to public scrutiny. By sealing relevant documents, a symbiotic relationship is formed: companies can CONTINUE to engage in fraudulent marketing resulting in PREVENTABLE HUMAN TRAGEDIES, and  lawyers can get rich by suing multiple times for the same violations”.

Before this report, in 2003, Professor Healy spoke at the Irish College of Psychiatry’s AGM in a debate entitled…”This house believes there is a causal link between suicide and selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs)”. Professor Healy, spoke in favour of the motion. Prof Patricia Casey and Prof Kevin Malone, both of the department of psychiatry at University College Dublin, opposed the motion[3].

In a later lecture at Columbia University, Prof. Healy had this to say, which I presume was referring to that debate… It has in fact been very difficult to get issues of suicidality and psychotropic drugs debated in academic forums. In one of the few such forums, at an Irish College of Psychiatrists meeting in 2003, my understanding is that many clinicians and academics in the audience were briefed by individuals linked to Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline on issues to raise with Healy[4].

So, in my opinion, there is absolutely no excuse or reason, for our Government or medical professionals to say they were unaware or not sufficiently warned, of “any issues concerning these drugs”. I am also personally aware, long before 2009 that one particular consumer went to the Health minister and spoke for hours (in the Dail) on the terrible effects that an ssri had on him, rendering him suicidal and extremely violent. Extensive notes were taken at this meeting, so are these files gathering dust or were they forwarded to the IMB?

The useless Irish Medicines Board (IMB) are almost fully funded by the pharmaceutical industry, the current CEO having previously worked for pharma, members of their advisory committee having received honoraria (payment) from multiple pharmaceutical companies,  and nobody sees this as a conflict of interest?

And why did the Irish Government do nothing to warn Irish consumers? The Oireachtas report states that Ireland is the biggest pharmaceutical exporter in the world, so are we back to the Haughey era of brown envelopes? Just how desperate are the Irish Government to keep these pharmaceutical companies happy?


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2 thoughts on “Why did the Irish Government not warn of the dangers of SSRIs?”

  1. Perhaps instead of singing (badly) for suicide prevention they might revisit the findings of the 2007 Health Sub-committee on ADR’s, implement the recommendations and ACTUALLY save lives.


    1. Interestingly enough IBEC have now renamed the Pharmaceutical industry the PharmaChemical industry in the business sectors part of their website – I wonder are they trying to distance themselves from all the negative publicity surrounding big pharma? And if so, maybe some cages are actually being rattled!! Keep up the good work Leonie!


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