Suicide, Suicide, Suicide…60 Minutes New Zealand.

Suicide…It’s not a dirty word. It can be said out loud. It’s not a dirty little secret.

BUT I will tell you what is a dirty little secret…words and data being continuously manipulated by drug companies who are well aware their drugs are causing people to commit “self harm and harm to others” (suicide/homicide). Not just Lundbeck’s drugs, all ssri’s can have this causal effect. What happens when the drug companies are found guilty of lying and concealing data or side-effects? They have to pay a fine but can keep peddling their unfit product to uninformed doctors and subsequently the unsuspecting public!

As more and more televised programmes are spreading the word about the dangers of antidepressants, and just supposing their facts are correct…how may people have killed themselves today because they went to the doctor to get help and were given these drugs with no warnings attached? If Professor Healy is right and these drugs can make you kill yourself, how many people have died because the Irish Medicines Board and the minister for health are still burying their heads in the sand and won’t investigate these drugs?

This video was aired a few hours ago in New Zealand. It’s 18 minutes long…please watch it and stop this from happening to your family! Click on the Picture above to view. (May have to click twice)

Toran’s mum Maria has worked tirelessly to help increase awareness in New Zealand, and with the help of her friend debs who also lost her daughter through an antidepressant induced suicide, have set up Casper NZ.

Despite the seriousness of the programme, there was one hilarious part at 13.30 minutes where Professor Peter Ellis, head of psychological Medicine for otago University and also an advisor to NZ’s minister for health, who is seen on the programme opposing Professor Healys view, was asked…You have shares, don’t you, in pharmaceutical companies? More sqirming from the opposing side! Hilarious but utterly tragic.

Professor Peter Ellis, Otago University, admits to currently having shares in CSL and Pfizer, previously having shares in GSK and Roche but forgot to mention receiving research funds from Eli Lilly for a study of antipsychotic drugs. Link. But this couldn’t be a conflict of Interest…a  professor who advises New Zealand’s minister for health and who has received funds (money) for a study on antidepressants, surely not? And from Eli-Lilly no less, for whom John Virapen has admitted bribing the Swedish Government to get the licencing for Prozac…NOPE, he doesn’t see it! John Virapen.

4 thoughts on “Suicide, Suicide, Suicide…60 Minutes New Zealand.”

  1. Couldnt have said it better myself.
    The fact that the big b^stard pHARMas trials are all lies or ‘missing all vital reactions’ to the drugs pushed on innocent people and the marketing goes ahead with a knowing the data is missing is twisted . I hate the medical profession every little part of it


  2. “uninformed doctors”

    Here we go again, “uninformed doctors”

    It’s the Doctor’s Job and Responsibility to Be Informed despite the drug companies And their bought and paid for Govt Regulators Advertorial trash in Medical Journals about “risks v benefits” and “safe and effective”.

    Without Pretending that they truly Are that Ignorant, those Doctors would open themselves up to civil and criminal prosecutions by the bucketful.

    “Uniformed Doctors”

    My Hind Foot.

    The Cheeky Rats know exactly what their drugs are.


    And their Cheeky Co-Rats are furiously Covering for them and their drunken “uniformed”.

    I’ve got the C&C of San Francisco wasting $200 Million Dollars in just 1 year to play with their mind altering chemicals and army of social engineers, and then I find the entire State of Illinois complaining that the reason 85% of their State Wide serious Hospital Complaints go uninvestigated is because they only have a lousy $1/2 Million to devote to the task.

    “Uninformed Doctors”.

    Try, just Try, justifying being This “uniformed”, This OFTEN, working in a garage and getting it Wrong, on brake job after brake job.


    1. Well said!
      The worsenin reality is, the flaws of all ‘inaccuracies’, if they are ‘uninformed’ then wtf is the relationship btween Dr and pHARMa?
      If a new drug comes along, and they take pHARMas ‘uninformative’ word as to drug benefits, causing patients illnesses to worsen/become fatalities etc, wtf is the Dr thinking by not suing pHARMa over this? Instead of cowardly (as 99.9% of the time) blaming the patient/covering up/declaring non information.
      To which too declare as such puts pHARMa in the frame but not as should ‘criminally’.
      Drs are a middle man, if they,as claim to be, are ‘drs of medicinal practice’, how can they be uninformed, its a blatant lie to which a title they have, are respected for and, highly effing paid!
      They believe in evidenced based medicine, which is not honest, lacks credibility when a six week trial strikes reality of prescribing years on end, they are cluless to new meds coz it means education despite their tears of being a Dr,
      Arrogant, self superiority, actual worship of themselves, yet contradictive of power against profit scum pHARMa.
      Unfortunately, a few, and only a few, with the guts to speak out against shoddy drugs, are victimised and viciously so, so most are cowards.
      Supposedly intelligent but do not see if they all stood up together thered b stoppage.
      But, no free lunches, holidays, severely dependent patients etc. Goes to show realism of a fake profession.


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