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IHRC Recommendations on SSRI Prescribing

IHRC (Irish Human Rights Commission)

Finally somebody is asking for changes in the way that SSRI’s are being prescribed by medical professionals in Ireland.

I wrote many letters and e-mails in the last 2 years regarding the care (or lack thereof) that Shane received from the medical professionals in the last month of his existence. I wrote e-mails and letters to, among others, the EMA, FDA, IMB, Lundbeck, Brian Cowan, Kathleen Lynch, Bertie Ahern, James Rielly, Dick Roche, Jan O’Sullivan, Liz McManus (before I found out she was previously married to John Mc’Manus, the GP in Bray who prescribed Shane a months supply of Cipramil), Barack Obama (always an optimist), the college of Psychiatry of Ireland and Mary McAleese.

Most of the replies I received were the usual apologetic but automated response apart from the IHRC.

After reviewing Shane’s medical records, Citalopram PIL’s, Professor Healy’s report, the statements from the doctors, my correspondence with the Irish Medical Council and their subsequent decision, the IHRC have decided to take some action…

The IHRC have written to the Medical Council requesting that, among other things, patients are informed of the potential side effect of suicide ideation with SSRI’s and for closer monitoring and ongoing supervision when SSRI’s are initially prescribed.


Recommended IHRC Guidelines:


Discussion of alternate therapies


Referrals for counselling/psychiatric review


Within medical practices seek to ensure the same doctor deals with the person at all stages if at all possible;


Oral explanation of risks/side-effects of SSRI’s in advance of prescription, together with relevant written information;


Guidelines regarding prescribing SSRI’s from initial stage through ongoing treatment;


Level of monitoring and ongoing supervision required when SSRI’s are initially prescribed


Maintenance of adequate consultation notes; and


The necessity to obtain a full patient history before prescribing SSRI’s

Though quite why the Medical Council have not done this already is beyond my comprehension! Then again, considering that the IMC see no harm in doctors prescribing a months supply of potentially lethal medication to a depressed person, would seem to show their level of understanding/misunderstanding of the dangers of these drugs.

The Irish Medical Council is a statutory body set up by the state; On their website it states “Our statutory role, as outlined in the Medical Practitioners Act 2007, is to protect the public by promoting and better ensuring high standards of professional conduct and professional education, training and competence among registered medical practitioners”.

Protect the public?

By allowing doctors to prescribe a months supply of potentially lethal SSRI’s with known suicidal side-effects to a first time patient; How are they protecting the next poor vulnerable patient who gets a months prescription of SSRI’s from their GP?

Whether the IMC will implement these changes remains to be seen, but the next time that some other unfortunate family raises this issue, the IMC won’t be getting off quite so lightly, as there will be a record of the IHRC’s letter recommending that changes are introduced.

“A medical practitioner who establishes that he followed a practice which was general and approved by his colleagues of similar specialisation and skill is nevertheless negligent if the plaintiff thereupon establishes that such practice has inherent defects which ought to be obvious to any person giving the matter due consideration” (Dunne (an inf.) v. National Maternity Hospital [1989] IR 91.)

10 thoughts on “IHRC Recommendations on SSRI Prescribing”

  1. Isnt it disturbing that Drs arrogantly tell you whats right or wrong with you, prescribe many months into years (based on a 6week trial of and ‘under reported factual result’ concerning adverse reactions), yet when it comes to light that the drug was harming the individual and or caused a fatality, the Dr was only doing what he/she thought was in that patients best interest.

    So why no blaming pHARMa by Drs?
    Because pHARMa are God to Drs.
    Why no imediate apologies by the Drs?
    Because theyre arrogant and saying sorry is admittance of error.
    When, if they actually said “i am sorry, my own understanding and belief of this drug was based on pHARMas evidented based reports” this would put patients first (isnt that what drs are suposed to do?)
    furthermore for drs to do and say this the corrupted drugs industry would be inclined to not invent shoddy drugs and mass yet the drs have their backs and the entire profits of patients made and kept ill is ever giving us a fight for health.

    Note all these new disorders, dysfunctions etc theyre only since medicated. My own research has led me to the fact, bipolar, unipolar are people whove been medicated years, ever worsened on the drugs and idle upping doses, switching to alternative same serotinin meddling drugs.
    At the end of the day, there are no disorders being present to account for drugging as a means to cure because.
    Adhd/depression/anxiety/seasonal affective disorder etc etc, are personality traits, characteristics and emotional responses to life.
    Basically kids are being drugged because theyre excitable, over active, bored or confused.
    Adults are being drugged for being stressed, unhappy, overworked, in debt, exhausted etc. The need to stop drugging everyone for what is ‘getting us down’ is vital, these drugs are playing with brains to a point of facist experimentation.
    There are no known outcomes of cure of emotional breakdowns, other than a persons willingness to confront and work through, drugs are an irritant, proven to slow down any chance of recovery at best, but at worst, induce, violence, loss of emotion, homicidal and suicidal ideation and action.
    How this is not being made as serious news, banning of etc is the sinister allowance by governments.
    The fact drs are (in ireland) to be updated nearly two decades on about prescribing, is disgustingly the norm, it shows drs are either totally oblivious or arrogantly ignorant about toxic poisoning that chemicals induce, how is they know a street drug is harmful but medication is not? After all street drugs are only former medications, at least street drugs are choice not professionally advised to take, at least street drugs are out of the system in 24 hours not taken day in day out, year in year out and if addictive? At least the addiction was self inflicted, harming no one elses brain in an experimental madness. The ironic truth of medicinal drugs today, upto £6billion is spent on the drugs that defect thus killing and harming over 300.000 people per year in UK alone (these being only the reported ones). Its double that in usa. This is then with ? Money spent on hospital care and further treatments to amend the errors. There is also compensation costs.
    This country is saying that costs have to be brought down, if anything this drugs banning would save lives and alot of nhs money.
    I cannot see why drs are not held accountable for the crime of drugging people to the outcome of death, regardless of the mannner death results?. They pay nothing in compensations, trusts are insured and medical legalities are very heavily upon patients being able to prove a dr was at fault via other drs being there to say if it was a drs fault, if they dont? You are not given any credibility of a knowledge. Despite the identifiable physical and documented proof. Its an evil of which needs total crackdown, this world is sicker than ever


  2. I went a few times to my ex-GP in Bray with gastric complains – gastric pain and pressure, fatigue, lack of apetite. All these were, in my opinion, the logic consequence of me taking nurofen on an empty stomac during menstruation days. He asked me if I felt depressed, I was a bit confused and answered “well, it’s not nice to feel sick”, I couldn’t call it depression. He prescribed Lexapro, arguing that this was a chicken and egg situation and that depression caused all the other problems!!! I was and still am shocked by his irresponsibility and incompetence. How do they get away with it?


    1. Regardless of the denial GPs claim to not dish out antidepressants like sweets, they do!.
      I know a fair few people whom have, like yourself, had problems with an ailment that is not at all a mentally defective reasoning to drug with brain drugs.

      There is no reason to drug the brain, all lifes ups and downs, inexplicable mental defects of any kind were not made to be drugged.
      They are there for an unknown reason so the research needed is to seek out the why? Not make poisons to meddle in places that only prove a worsening.
      You are right, the incompetence and nonprofessionalism is disturbing.
      They get away with it because the system allows it.
      Just remember, you know your own body best a Dr neither makes nor studies any drug, he/she goes by pHARMas falsified profit over patient info and nothing, not even the affected patient can change the arrogance.
      All the best to you. I hope you are feeling better,


      1. Thank you very much for your wishes!
        Somebody somewhere must have got a bag full of money for allowing this to happen. I hope this situation will change.


      1. Oh, no, no, no. Nothing like that. Nothing on side effects. He talked to me as if I was an imbecile: “It will make you feel good, you know. You will fell much better.” I asked about the side effects and he reluctantly mentioned that it would interfere with my sleeping patterns, but otherwise I would feel full of energy. I was wondering if he was talking about antidepressants since I’ve never heard about this medicine before, I hoped he wasn’t.

        I’ve actually found his name on the internet in an article dealing with this very matter, you might be aware of it ( – a journalist from the Sunday Tribune went around to a few GPs and pretented she was depressed in order to see how easy it was to get antidepressants prescribed, he is the one that never mentioned counseling and who’s consultation lasted only five minutes. It seems that he never learned his lesson.

        Wishing you all a happy Christmas. may the New Year bring you perfect health and 365 happy days per year!


  3. Drs have a responsibility in which to prescribe a drug they are ‘knowing of’. As a parent, id not give my child something i new nothing about, a dr is supposed to be an expert, a prectitioner or medication, they have no right to call themself a ‘medical professional’ otherwise.
    The research is already there resulting the outcome of these drugs.
    Its not that Drs know nothing and have no means of discovering, they are lazy and unbothered to check up, re educate themselves, they are in need of stricter rules to abide by.
    If a mechanic is to not fix a car properly and you fataly crash, hes held accountable for shoddy workmanship, fired, sued and even a possible imprisonment for wrecklessness leading to death.
    Why is a dr not in that category? He never pays for the wrecklessness not from dicipline nor pocket.
    Its a sinister industry.

    The GMC have a consultation questionairre online that you can take part in about ‘medicinal prescribing’ its aiming to an update on prescribing.
    I fear the nhs reforms, if drs gain more control the cover ups and ability to get justice will be non existant.
    Im still trying to prove what the drug Efexor did and does to me coz my dr covered up my not needing this medication via continuing to drug high dose and using symptoms of mental trauma, dysfunction, emotional detatchment etc as the reason to medicate, tried pushing me into psychiatric care. I know these drugs are evil, i became evil mant times, ive never been so mentally deranged and psychotic as the when on high dose, i was suicidal, but did not want to leave my daughter, so i began to think of ways to kill her humanely.
    It makes me nauseas now, i was so mentally unstable when high dose, thing is, had i of followed through with it?, id be easily scapegoated as having clearly needing the medication.
    See how screwed up it all is. Its a fact that the drugs are for emotions, the numbing and flaring of are so dangerous.
    One dr said to me in withdrawal, if i was having symptoms it meant i should stay on the drugs, ?????. Another said, its safe to take indefinately, ????? No trial can prove and when can a brain drug really be safe?


  4. Sorry i should have said, it was 2004 when i had worsened to a state of sleeping 36+ hrs, wake time between was excruciating efforts to function.
    Im lucky to hhave good friends that helped take care of my daughter (aged 10 back then). My dr said wasnt the drug because it cant affect me with sleep, as an upper, (only in 2009 i find this was wrong) i had quoted my dr on that to others alot coz had a belief he must know.
    I believed the sleep was the cause of all else and forever asked foe help, he said i had to face the depression go to the psychiatric appointments, i wouldnt go, i went once, they were bullies and i knew if my sleep was helped id be ok.
    I spent 2004- 2009 begging for specialists for sleep.manic psychosis episodes, ill physically etc a concerned friend said theyd pay for me to go private and i told my dr who then referred me on nhs (so he could write a negative influential letter). It didnt work, i saw a professor and had a polysomnography. This proved a severe non brain rest, supressed r.e.m and the connection was the drug. I started looking into the drug and saw all my problems were attributed to it. Im down to 30mg now (from 300) its taking a long and painfull effort, trauma etc, the symptoms are brutal, i have to take a liquid form to minimalise the reductions.

    I am getting better though physically deteriorated i am mentally improved, i dont have psychosis anymore i dont panic, am no longer withdrawn from society and have more of ‘me’ back, still a way to go but its the only way,

    i will never trust the medical profession again. I am endlessly researching these drugs still and forever arguing via site, email and written letter with drs/psychiatrists/politicians that brain drugs are unsafe, causing new mental disorders and devastating families, can you believe, when Burnam was the secretary of state for DOH, said sorry you are finding problems, i however cannot help and sent me address for nhs complaints.
    Even my MP was a little shocked by this.
    Sorry going on, just mean to say the country needs a reality shock.
    Merry christmas and a prosperous new year to you and all else here. Love and regards
    I began to rapidly go down hill, mentally dysfunctional, switching moods, severe bowel problems, weight gain, my dr said it wasnt t


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