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India: 12 doctors fined €72 for performing illegal drug trials on children and mentally ill patients.

Here we go again, corruption of the worst kind within the pharmaceutical industry. This week GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has been fined again, this time over the deaths of 14 babies during illegal drug trials in Argentina. Link.

In 1996 another Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer was involved in the killing of 11 Nigerian babies and the injuring of numerous others, in an illegal drug trial of their experimental anti-meningitis drug Trovan. Link.


It amazes me that in 2012 testing drugs on babies, whether illegal or not, is still allowed to go on.

In fact, the EMA actually permit it, allowing Lundbeck and other corrupt pharma companies to test adult drugs on children. Quote from their e-mail to me …”Marketing-authorisation applications for new medicinal products not authorised in the EU before 26 July 2008 have to include the results of studies conducted in the paediatric population. There are exceptions and paediatric trials are not needed if the medicine is not to be used in children under any circumstances or if the disease or condition for which the medicine is to be used for only occurs in adults. These exceptions do not apply to SSRI antidepressant medicines and Paediatric Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is one area where paediatric pharmaceutical research can improve. Therefore it is important that clinical trials are carried out in this group to clearly establish the risks and the benefits of these medicines in children”. Would they allow tesing on their own children I wonder? Or would they, like Dr. Madsen (the Lundbeck director and medical expert) decline to answer that one?

India again.

Last week the Madhya Pradesh government  fined 12 doctors Rs 5,000 (€72), for illegally conducting drug trials on mentally challenged patients and children. Again the most vulnerable people in society are being used and abused by corporations with plenty of money to buy corrupt doctors. The pharmaceutical companies who pay for these trials should be held accountable, along with the doctors. No mention of which company or companies paid for the trial, whether this is common practice and has the results of previous trials been relied upon for the licencing of other medication. Again, who’s regulating the regulators?

Human rights groups have previously raised concerns that India is turning into a hot spot for drug trials, where hospital patients are being used as guinea pigs for the world’s pharmaceutical companies, sometimes without consent. Link. In 2002, a 22 year old, Dharmesh Vasava, died while undergoing a drug trial for Citalopram. Despite this, 7 years later, this medication went on to kill my 22 year old son!

Sky news reported this week that low costs, weak laws and inadequate enforcement and penalties are blamed for making India an attractive destination for conducting the tests.

The whistleblower in this case Dr Anand Rai (who was suspended from his job following his complaint) said “Drug trials were performed on patients who had gone to the hospitals for routine treatment. It’s a criminal offence to put them under drug trials without consent.”

The State government expressed its inability to conduct any detailed investigation involving the patient/subjects under trials, citing legal provisions that protect the identity of trial subjects.


5 thoughts on “India: 12 doctors fined €72 for performing illegal drug trials on children and mentally ill patients.”

  1. The reality of it all…..
    Animals (as Bob mentioned) have no similarity to human dna and are a very unlikely source of ‘actual effect’ a human would react to.
    There is no reason to test on animals other than the same way medicinal science likes to test humans.

    It needs to be said that, every chemical medicine is a harmful substance.
    There are no cures, no potential healers in chemicals.
    All my research has revealed that, pre 1930s (brain drugs not in use nor trialled) brain ‘disorder/dysfunction’ etc did not exist. The key to all proof is looking back at patterns of medical epidemics. (even as far back as the bubonic plague).
    Did you know pox was a higher rate of recovery for those unvaccinated?

    Cancer is what kills 95% of the natural death count (by that i mean, non accidental/induced by other causes/crime etc).
    No one dies of old age, why? Because Cancer has been placed in the system from the first vaccination you ever have, then school years have further vacinations to keep it alive and well.
    There are cures, preventions etc but they are silenced and or ridiculed to force the truth out, we are made and kept as patients for profit and experimentation.

    The drugging of kids in this day and age Leonie, is onlygoing to get worse and with more lies to justify because the power pHARMa has with both money and control is phenomminal!

    The biggest scandal ever was thalidimide causing defects of limbs to newborns, so clear the connection they could not hide nor cover up and blame patient.
    Certain drugs that cause the defectives nowadays are kept low key and do not aim for the body so much as the brain.
    Those in the past having caused Autism/Downs/Schitzophrenia/psychosis are all watered down today to keep low key (hence less epidemics).
    The likleyhood of those born with physical attributes is a skipped generation of genes.

    The knowing to have to keep low key is why they go to poorer countries and brutally murder babies but this is nothing new.
    AIDs is not a natural disease its man made, was inflicted via malyria (or some other pretence prevention) vaccines. Blamed on homosexuals and even intercourse with animals, (see the patterns of destructive intentions?)
    HIV is not related to the AIDS virus the whistle blower on that bullied and defamed,, ousted out of his job.
    The further shockers are Avian Flu/Swine Flu/MRSA all man made and all with an intent to kill or provide the vaccinations with cancerous ingredients.
    The Experiments of Nazi Germany are considered shocking and both The UK and USA Governments have the audacity to condemn the evil whilst having actually employed the physicians post war.
    The psychiatric institutions do still use the knowledge and work tactics of these bastards today.

    No medicine is good, none cures and only man made or fabricated disease etc, is a threat to our physical and mental state.
    Natural ailments are curable and those cures are natural substances to which chemicals are only poisonous replicas of.
    Its sick, twisted, brutal and yes as you say yourself, ‘depraved’.
    I dread to think what goes on in the secret labs where Governments and millitary protection is tightly secured. If we all saw medicinal science for the quackery and sinister truth? We’d be healthy.


    1. Yep…Can you just imagine what goes on behind the scenes? Thalidomide is still being used in some countries including Ireland, though not for morning sickness. It would make you wonder, what it actually takes to get a medication taken off the market!


      1. Its truly a disturbing actuality is it not?
        The cause of disasterous and traumatic effects do not ban the drug so much as ban it for ‘certain patients’ it still gets used ‘off label’. To me, ‘off label’ is blatant Dr arrogant experimentation of something he/she knows sod all about.
        pHARMa needs disciplining by a third party and Drs need to be made to go on courses every few months to be updated on medications. .
        (if i had my way, no drugs would be used as medicines and Drs would be there to aid therapeutic advice etc).
        Its so deceitful and corrupt as it is today.
        Too many adverse events and reactions, no drugs are recalled unless someone within the industry (of a relative high status) comes out saying “enoughs enough”. Even then, its not always heard, most likely ruins that one honest whistleblowers career with excess ridicule and malicious defaming.
        There is no doubt pHARMaceuticl giants are deviously dangerous so it truly makes you wonder how they are not all investigated properly as criminals of violent crime.
        Killing, maiming is rife via drugs unleashed to the masses, if on the streets? The Drug Lord would be life imprisoned as an evil pusher, profiteer and callous scumbag so why are these companies getting away with it?


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