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Sinead O’Connor and the Irish way of diagnosing bi-polar.

Ireland, the land of medicating people for distress, the land of protecting abusers; why are the victims of Dr. Denis Lane O’ Kelly still waiting for an apology and/or some sort of redress. Irish TV (RTE) did a documentary, behind the walls, where victims of this man spoke of the horror that he dished out on already vulnerable women. Why are the esteemed psychiatrists and medical professionals, who were working with Dr. O’Kelly, still at Waterford and why are questions not being asked or answered? Why has the Irish government not set up a Tribunal of Inquiry into who knew about this Psychiatrists actions? Why has the HSE (Health Service Executive) not fully investigated the sexual abuse that numerous women have accused this man of inflicting on them?

Going off track as I am prone to do…

Sinead O’Connor writes on her blog where she was diagnosed as being bipolar,…at the time i went doctor an said im suicidal. In front of me he rang the local ‘nut`house’ as we in Ireland insist on calling them. He says to some doctor “Ive Sinead O’Connor sitting in my office and she says she’s suicidal, what do you think?” when he put the phone down he told me the doctor had said “well from what I read about her in the papers I would say she has bi-polar disorder. Welcome to Ireland“.

Nothing to do with her childhood then…” I was a child who was made to repeat ” I am nothing” over and over while being stamped on naked, regularly. That is who I am. And i will be in trouble for saying so. Because other people don’t like it. But its my truth and me. So I must say it. Because I am it“.

Her full blogpost here…Link. P.S If you don’t like bad language, don’t read it! If you think that’s an apology, it’s not; She says it like it is, I think she’s great and she speaks a lot of sense!

4 thoughts on “Sinead O’Connor and the Irish way of diagnosing bi-polar.”

  1. Ireland…land of little sun (dangerously low Vit. D levels) where the population is poisoned with fluoride…and they wonder why depression is such a problem..add the scars of mental, physical and sexual abuse and you have a tragic situation…


  2. Sinead O’Connor is indeed a woman unafraid to express herself for ‘matter of fact’, bluntness, at least ‘here’ is needed and welcomed, I have not read the full article yet but, wanted to express something about the Bipolar evidence that is screamingly obvious.

    Bear in mind ‘depression/anxiety/anger/stress’ are ’emotive’ characteristics as to be coping mechanisms of each individual personality and situational circumstances, its safe to say, nothing but ‘worsening state of mind’ results from the drugging with a chemical daily, that targets the both brain and cns with excessive needless unnatural amounts of serotonin (messages).

    Bipolar, in affect, is a clinically induced damage, by the serotonin drugs ssri/snri, once on these, the drug continues to destroy a personality, character, behavioural nature all the while brutalising the state of mental wellbeing, excess serotonin attacks physically too. (the side effects/adverse reactions are result of the messages from brain going ‘off track’, randomly sprouting oddities (hence the multitude of symptoms that befall anyone drugged).

    Im disgusted that Miss O’Connors Dr rang another in front of her, the other basis’ a theory of (wrong and proved so) Bipolar, on her ‘media status information’,
    1. Its unprofessional to diagnose in any such way
    2. Potentiated high risk disaster.
    3. Diagnosis will be drug prescribed, so drug infliction before actual consultation.

    I will click the link and read soon and respond once i have,
    as yet im infuriated that such a reality is still allowed, it was eleven years ago i was ‘told’ i was depressed, told i was needing drugs, to still be putting a woman in an obvious vunerability already in the aall too easy ‘mental impairment’ category because shes unhappy is twisted.


  3. Hi again Leonie.
    I read Sinead O’Connors blog and am impressed by the honesty and clear headedness of it all (helps define trauma for the ’emotion’ it is and not, the defective cognitive mental ability, that science is labeling the ‘disorder’ continuously as.)

    i’ll be honest, i did not know Sinead O’Connor for more than being a music based artist and a free speaking person. (media hype does not influence me to judge anyone for what a third party says or reports, it did once, its been many years since though).

    I have compassion for most people in any diferent scenario given, as life is far from simple to decide what affects one will affect another the same. We are all diferent, cope alternatively, have comparitive threshholds and thats why these drugs are wrong from the word go, they fit no brain mechanism category whatsoever.

    Miss O’Connor is clearly a very intelligent, expressive, honest and focused person, whom sadly has been through hell and back on several occasions, i admire her truly for being so strong (albeit its not through ease to be so but with motherhood being the importance to not end it all)

    I love her expressing of the people who’ve hounded and deliberated nasty comments to portray her as crazy when she says “is that what you do to crazy people?, hound them and crush them?” (not exact phrase she used).
    Ive seen the woman in a new light, she is (ive always thought) to look at, very beautiful naturally.
    But a true beauty shone more with the, ‘i am very normal, honest and have issues to deal with”.
    Fame nor money rules her, thats a rarity today.


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